NZAVS Celebrates World Day for Lab Animals by Marching to Stop the Otago Animal Lab!
NZAVS were out in Dunedin today marching against the new $50 million animal lab at the University of Otago! We were supported by international and national organisations and individuals, including Humane Society International, Choose Cruelty Free, Humane Research Australia, and Beagle Freedom Project to commemorate World Day for Lab Animals!. We were also joined by celebrity animal-rights activist James Aspey! Heaps of our supporters came out to rally against the University of Otago's commitment to non-predictive, unethical animal-based research models. We showed the University that we will continue fighting against the new lab!!!
March Against the Otago Animal Lab for World Day for Lab Animals 2017!
Join NZAVS and James Aspey in marching to stop the new $50 million animal lab at the University of Otago!
Let Animals Live ‘Out of the Labs' - Paw Prints for Parliament event!
We were in Wellington CBD today letting Parliament know that New Zealanders want animals ‘Out of the Labs’.
Out of the Labs Petition - Closing soon!
Our petition to give ex-lab animals a second chance officially has a closing date. We now need your help to make sure we can let them live out of the labs!
NZAVS educates young New Zealanders about animal testing!
NZAVS Campaign Manager Cressida Wilson visited Ao Tawhiti Unlimited School in Christchurch this morning!
Let Parliament Know Why You Want Animals Out of the Labs!
We need you to help us send a message to Parliament! Print out a paw print, say why you want animals 'Out of the Labs!', decorate it however you like and freepost it to us!
NZAVS Membership Renewal time!
People now have just over two weeks to renew their membership with NZAVS before it expires!
Happy Valentine's Day, Otago University! Stop the Otago Animal Lab!
We delivered a Valentine's Day card and presents to Professor Blaikie of the University of Otago. We wanted to remind him of the animals' lives that are at stake if current plans for a new animal lab go ahead. What better day than Valentine's Day to ask the University to 'Have a Heart'?
Welcome to the New NZAVS Website!
We have an updated website for 2017! Be sure to have a look around.
Animal Usage for RTT in NZ on a Decline – FALSE
The recent MPI report is misleading. We want you to know the facts behind the statistics!
Our Stop the Otago Animal Lab protest wraps up our long weekend of actions!
Heart action attempts to be silenced by the University of Otago
Staff changes at NZAVS
Our Executive Director, Stephen Manson is leaving NZAVS and our Campaign Manager, Tara Jackson is stepping up to the role.
NZAVS meet with the University of Otago for a second time
We had our first protest in Dunedin to Stop the Otago Animal Lab
The New Animal Lab has started being built!
SALDF Debate Panel on the Stop the Otago Animal Lab Campaign
The Arguments for Animal Testing - Getting Down to the Facts!
Standing United for World Day for Laboratory Animals, 2016
Symbolic Funeral Held at the University of Auckland
Massey and it's use of dogs for research and testing
GE Free NZ Report Highlights Faults in Animal Research
Response to media attempt to defend vivisection
Outrageous NZ Forensics Experiment on Live Pigs
Draize test to go from NZ law!
Time to stop relying on the Draize test
NZ Passes Cosmetics Animal Testing Ban
Can We Count On The Animal Ethics Committees?
Cosmetics Testing Rally



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