Staff changes at NZAVS

Our Executive Director, Stephen Manson is leaving NZAVS and our Campaign Manager, Tara Jackson is stepping up to the role.

We are sad to have to let everyone know that our Executive Director, Stephen Manson, has stepped down from his role to continue his career within the animal movement.

Stephen has gone to Wellington to work for SAFE (Saving Animals From Exploitation). We can all take comfort in knowing that his dedication, skills and hard work will continue to go towards making the world a better place for animals.

Stephen has worked for NZAVS for four years now. During this time he has made great leaps for the anti-vivisection movement in NZ. Without Stephen it is highly unlikely that the legal highs campaign would have even started let alone been successful, we wouldn’t have been able to help get the ban put in place for testing cosmetics on animals, and without his expertise we wouldn’t have been able to remove the requirement for the Draize test in NZ law as efficiently.

On Tuesday 6th September, 2016 we had a volunteer meeting to farewell Stephen. This meeting was spent talking about Stephen and sharing our favourite memories with him. So many people had wonderful things to say about our Executive Director and how kind, welcoming and humble he is. We hope that he took all of these compliments to heart and that he truly does know how valued he has been to us.

We have been truly blessed to have Stephen as our Executive Director, and we can only wish him luck and happiness as he moves forward to his next journey.


Stephen Manson collecting the LUSH Prize in 2014.


We will however move forward and continue our fight to abolish vivisection and we will do it with as much force as ever!

Our former Campaign Manager, Tara Jackson, has stepped into the role of Executive Director.

Tara has worked for NZAVS for nearly two years now and has worked closely with Stephen during that time. She is an experienced and successful campaigner, both with NZAVS and other NGOs before joining our team. This combined with her natural skills and her solid scientific education means the work of NZAVS is in the best possible hands going forward.

We look forward to the future successes that NZAVS will achieve and we hope that we have your support as we continue to grow, educate and make change happen!

Our new Executive Director, Tara Jackson.

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