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Animals Used In Science for Farms

Animals Used In Science for Farms

Making the connection between animal experiments and animal agriculture.

A concerning connection exists between animal agriculture and animal experiments in Aotearoa, New Zealand. 

A wide range of animals are used in research, testing and teaching with the aim of trying to increase the profits of animal agriculture and prolong the life of this industry.

For example, animals are used in research aimed at trying to increase profitability and production, or research aimed at improving the industry‚Äôs image on issues like the environment. 

Going vegan is the best thing an individual can do to stop the cruelty. You can find help going vegan below, as well as more information about the connection between animal agriculture and animal experiments.



Other ways you can take action


NZAVS is an official partner of Vegan FTA (for the animals), a non-profit organization dedicated to creating social awareness towards helping animals and the planet by promoting a vegan message.