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NZAVS joined forces with the Humane Society International (HSI) for the Be Cruelty-Free campaign.

Our collective aim is to put an end to the testing of cosmetics on animals globally!

HSI lead this international campaign that is active in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Europe, India, Japan, NZ, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan and the USA. 


In New Zealand, the first stage of this campaign was to get a ban on the testing of cosmetics on animals in NZ. As many of you are probably well aware, this ban has already passed and this part of the campaign has been a success!



The next step is to get a sale and imports ban in NZ. Where no cosmetics that have been tested on animals will be able to be imported into the country. The EU currently has a sales and imports ban in place so it is definitely possible in NZ!


Stay tuned to hear more about this second part of the campaign!

Until then, you can sign the global online pledge to BE Cruelty-Free here 





An overview of our contribution to the Be Cruelty-Free campaign

We joined the BCF campaign back in August 2014. We had two main reasons for joining this campaign:

  1. Using animals to measure the safety of products meant for human use or consumption is not reliable. It is bad science and there are better, more relevant human-based methods that will better predict the human response.
  2. Testing cosmetics on animals is cruel, inhumane and we want to end this needless suffering. 

What we did to help this first stage of the cosmetics ban pass:

Helped draft legislation

Our former Executive Director Stephen Manson worked directly with Mojo Mathers (Green MP) to create the second version of her supplementary order paper (SOP) as part of the Animal Welfare Act amendment (Any MP can put forward a SOP, which is a proposed amendment to a bill going through Parliament).


Mojo put forward the first amendment on her own, this was asking for cosmetics testing on animals to be removed from the Act. The National Party came back saying that her proposal was not feasible so we worked with her to make sure that her second SOP fitted in well with the Animal Welfare Act and also the Medicines Act. 


The image National used after they decided to make their own SOP. 


Although the Green Party were the political party working hard on this change, the National party put their own SOP forward to remove cosmetics testing on animals which was the version that they accepted- a bit sneaky to say the least!









Our former ED, Stephen Manson meeting with Nicky Wagner.

Lobbied political parties

We provided all political parties with information on the proposed ban and sent them all letters from a coalition of organisations from around the world, who wanted to advise NZ to accept the ban. 

We also met with Nicky Wagner (Christchurch Central National MP) in person to enforce the idea that this would be the first time in the world that a proposal for banning cosmetics testing on animals would be voted on and not passed, if National did not accept the SOP. 

We helped encourage the public to send an online letter to all political party leaders. This was an automated email that we had set up on our website. In total over 90,000 people signed this letter. We presented this to parliament with Mojo Mathers, SAFE and HUHA (see photos of this below).













Celebrity endorsements

We organsied multiple high profile New Zealanders to endorse the BCF campaign, including the following people:


NZ Musician, Tiki Tane
Tiki Tane also wore the BCF top during his performance at the music festival Home Grown, 2015.
Miss Universe NZ, Rachel Millns and international model, Anna-Lisa 
NZ Singer-Songwriter, Flip Grater
NZ Electronic artist, MC and song writer, Tali

Plus more!


Promoted cruelty-free brands

By promoting cruelty-free brands of cosmetics, we were able to highlight the many ethical companies that currently exist and encourage the public to support these cosmetic companies instead of those who still test on animals.

More than 500 cosmetics companies around the world are 100% cruelty free and do not support cosmetics testing on animals. Rovie, The Cruelty Free Shop. Living Nature and Elf are just a few of our favourites! Below are some of the products and companies that we promoted to our supporters.

Eve Flynn, BCF supporter modelled:

-Mineral foundation, blush (mere magic) and eye shadow (purple haze) by Ro-Vie Mineral Cosmetics

-Vegan mineral pencil, vegan lip stix (Sunset) from the Cruelty-Free Shop

-Lipstick (Summer rain) by Living Nature

-Cream eyeliner, eyebrow kit and lengthening and defining mascara by e.l.f. Cosmetics












Sarah Mack, BCF supporter modelled the following Youngblood cosmetics, all of which are 100% cruelty-free: 

-Eye-Mazing liner 

-Eye-Illuminating Duo Pencil 

-Loose warm beige foundation

-Sundance - cheeks

-Twilight Lunar Dust - highlighter 

-Timeless Quad - eye shadow

-Natural Brunette Brow pencil

-Blackout mascara

-Pinot - lip liner

-Bistro lipstick 








BCF supporter, Sarah Brown modelled the following cruelty-free cosmetics:

-Paparazzi perfect high definition foundation by Australis Cosmetics
-All over colour stick blush, eyebrow kit (light), complete coverage concealer and cream eye-liner by e.l.f. Cosmetics

-Eye-shadow (Pop rocks) by Ro-Vie Mineral Cosmetics

-Earthlab Cosmetics, vegan lash mascara from the Cruelty-Free Shop

-Lipstick (Bloom) and lip pencil (Laughter) by Living Nature












BCF supporter, Natasha Orlowski modelled the following cruelty-free cosmetics:

-Colour supplement/foundation (dark pink), feeling younger skin tint and eyeshadow (smoke) by LUSH Cosmetics


-Earthlab vegan lip stix (cheeky) from the Cruelty-Free Shop


-Mineral face powder (Reese) by Ro-Vie Mineral Cosmetics 


-Powder liner (smoke), blush (baby-doll), volumptulash mascara, eyebrow pencil (dark brown) and eyebrow tint (brown) by Australis Cosmetics NZ











Keep an eye on this page for updates on the second part of the BCF campaign — where we will work towards a sales and importation ban of cosmetics that have been tested on animals in NZ!




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