Report animal abuse

Help animals being used in cruel experiments

The animal-experimentation industry is well hidden in New Zealand. Animal experiments aren’t done out in the open; they are instead done behind blackened out windows and high walls. The public gets access to minimal information regarding the use of animals for research, testing and teaching which is a huge problem - we need to know more!

With so much secrecy around the use of animals in science, it is hard to find out vital information about breeding facilities, animal labs and facilities who partake in animal experimentation.

The more the team at NZAVS knows and is aware of, the more we can do to help animals being used for cruel and invalid experiments.


Please contact us if you have seen or you know about anything that causes you concern, including:

  • Animals who have been injured in experiments in laboratories, classrooms, or training courses
  • Animals who are not receiving adequate veterinary care

  • Animals who show signs of distress

  • Animals who are given insufficient pain relief during or after painful procedures

  • Animals in inadequate housing (e.g. small, overcrowded cages)

  • Animals without sufficient food or water

  • Animals who are killed in painful ways

  • Animals experimented on when non-animal methods are available

We are also interested in finding more out about:

  • Animal breeding facilities in NZ

  • Cases where animals have been rehomed from laboratories

  • Cases where you have been denied the opportunity to rehome animals who have been used in or bred for science

Even if you think the information you have isn’t important, we would still like to hear from you! If you can obtain photographs or video footage of your concerns, then we would also appreciate copies being sent to us.


You will remain anonymous unless you state otherwise. You are not required to provide an email address or phone number if you do, this will only be used so that we can ask you follow up questions. We encourage you to leave contact details for us in case we need something clarified.

To tell us information either fill out the form below or you can email with any tip-offs.

Become a Whistle Blower

Include a description of the incident/situation or information that you would like us to know.

If you are telling us about a particular incident, if possible, please provide the name of the facility that it occurred at, what city it is in and the date that it happened.