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End the Forced Swim Test

End the Forced Swim Test

NZAVS and SAFE have joined forces to ask the NZ Government to not only ban the Forced Swim Test in NZ but to also conduct a full review and evaluation on the validity of animal tests used for psychological tests in NZ. Using animals to try and predict human outcomes makes no sense. Read more about the Forced Swim Test and why it needs to be outlawed in NZ here. 

To help the many people suffering from addiction and depression, researchers should be looking at human-relevant studies, not torturing and nearly drowning mice and rats. Sign the petition today!




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Help protect animals from this horrific test - Sign the petition today!

To the House of Representatives,

We, the undersigned, respectfully request that the New Zealand Parliament enact an immediate ban on the Forced Swim Test in New Zealand to prevent this cruel and invalid test from being conducted nationwide.

We also ask that a formal review and evaluation is conducted by Parliament on the validity of all animal-based psychological tests (I.e. The Tail Suspension Test, the Elevated-Plus-Maze Test, the Morris Water Maze Test etc.) used in New Zealand.


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