Go Vegan

Go Vegan

By not buying animal products, vegans are helping decrease the demand for cruel animal experiments. If we didn’t eat animals, then the need for experiments to make farming animals to eat as profitable as possible, wouldn’t exist. It really is that simple.

Not everyone who supports an end to animal testing is vegan but is one of the many steps that people can take to help end animal experimentation in NZ. 

Resources that can help you go vegan


The Vegan Society of Aotearoa New Zealand has an impressive recipes section on their website


A Guide to Vegan is a popular online resource that promotes vegan-friendly kai, beauty, household and other products that are available in NZ. These are all categorised nicely on Facebook in different albums. 

Dining out

A Guide to Vegan has fantastic resources on where the vegan-friendly restaurants and takeaways are.

Kits and guides

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PRCM) have an online Vegan Starter Kit that provides nutritional information for all life stages including pregnancy and childhood. 

The Vegan Society of Aotearoa New Zealand also has its own Starter Guide

More you can do

  • You can read more about what happens in experiments for farms.
  • Sign a petition from a coalition of vegan groups calling to diversify our farming sector.
  • Sign our petition to demand that action be taken to prevent cruel animal experiments from happening in the future. Together we can push for stronger laws, better transparency and upgrading our science by Striking at the Source! 
  • This is an ongoing, long-term campaign so if you feel strongly about demanding transparency and openness, please consider making a monthly donation
  • Learn about the many other ways that you can help end animal experimentation.


Banner image photo credit: Jinki Cambronero.