Australian move to ban animal tested cosmetics

This would be a significant step towards ending animal testing. It will mean that no new product produced anywhere in the world that was tested on animals will be able to be imported and sold in Australia.

Australia could join the European Union and Israel in having a sales ban. Any global cosmetics manufacturer will be cutting themselves out of those markets if they test on animals. This will mean a significant decrease in the global demand for animal testing.

Moves to stop animal testing of products need to take the nature of our globalised society into account. When the companies doing the testing are global and can do the testing anywhere on the planet bans on the import and sale of products are the most powerful legislative tool we have. As governments can't legislate to control what happens outside their borders but can control what happens inside them import and sales bans are vital otherwise all that can be done is to restrict the locations of testing.

Australian Green Party Senator Lee Rhiannon introduced the End Cruel Cosmetics Bill in March 2014 and it is currently in the Senate. The bill is endorsed by the Be Cruelty-Free Australia campaign run by Humane Research Australia and Humane Society International. The legislation is supported by broad coalition of concerned groups including Humane Society International, Humane Research International, Animals Australia, RSPCA, Choose Cruelty Free and the Animal Justice Party. 

We urge all NZAVS members and supporters in Australia to do what they can to support this Bill and that any of you with friends or family in Australia ask them to do the same. AJP cosmetics For more information:  

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