Let them live... Out of the Labs Campaign Launch

Let them live... Out of the Labs Campaign Launch

Both NZAVS and HUHA are totally opposed to the use of animals as testing and research tools but until the day that is abolished, it is essential to secure the best possible outcomes for the animals. That is the focus of this campaign.

There is a petition asking for a law change to make rehoming research and breeding animals the first option when they are disposed of. The online petition can be signed here.

Direct approaches to over a hundred facilities using animals in New Zealand have been made offering to rehome animals. To date, none has taken up the offers extended; only four even acknowledged the approach.

We believe the labs don't want to release animals as they know it will be a PR nightmare for them. The law needs to change otherwise they will continue to kill and dispose of animals behind closed doors.

HUHA founder, Carolyn Press-McKenzie, said:

"We would like to see research facilities made more accountable for the lives in their charge. Currently, laboratories are ending an animal's life as a convenient disposal solution, we consider this inhumane and it needs to stop. There is enough pain and suffering to animals at the hands of science if death can be avoided it should be. No animal deserves to be treated as disposable."

HUHA have already rehomed beagles from a breeding facility that supplied animals to an animal research centre. They successfully rehomed all of the beagles that they managed to get in 2011 and were swamped with offers of homes for them.

We know we can help many more animals that will never see the outside of a cage otherwise, live out their lives in great homes.

NZAVS has a long history of working to stop vivisection as animals cannot accurately model humans, we are proud to support HUHA in this initiative. It is something that there is a global push for and is already part of Australia's code for lab animals.

The killing and disposing of animals that were used for animal experimentation happens behind closed doors every day in New Zealand. This change is long overdue and the killing needs to end, the testing needs to end

Any decent person when asked if lab animals should be rehomed with loving people, or killed and treated like a piece of disposable equipment, will see there's only one acceptable option. We need a change to let them live out of the labs. We can do this together.

More information about the campaign can be found here.

The launch press release can be found here.