Massey and it's use of dogs for research and testing

In 2015 information was released to us by the Ministry of Primary Industries about the use of animals at facilities around New Zealand in 2013. We highlighted the concerning use of dogs at Massey - the 106 used for medical research despite dogs not accurately modelling human response, and the 79 used for product testing. useage form

We shared this information on social media: This information got a huge response and we had many people asking for more details as they couldn't believe it was happening here in New Zealand. We followed this up with an Official Information Act (OIA) request to Massey asking for the applications submitted to the University's Animal Ethics Committee (AEC) to experiment on all those dogs, as well as the 36 they also reported as being used for "other" purposes. The applications would tell us what was being tested, why it was being tested and more on what the animals would go through. Click here to read our OIA request Massey refused to release any of the requested information despite similar requests for the same kinds of applications have been made to other Universities with no problems. Canterbury University, Otago University and Lincoln University had all released AEC application forms before in relation to animal based research. For some reason though Massey did not want to let the public know what they were doing here, despite the very real likelihood that the public had funded what was going on. They are happy to take your money but not to tell you what they are doing with it! Click here to read Massey's response As a taxpayer funded facility Massey are accountable to us, the public, so we weren't going to take no for an answer on this one. In June 2015 we asked for a review of Massey's decision by the Office of the Ombudsman. Here at NZAVS we make many OIA requests, and often have difficulties getting the information we require. It is very rare though for us to have to resort to asking for a review. We will post an update as soon as we have more news.

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