A New Look for Our Office

A New Look for Our Office

Our plan was to transform the exterior of our office into something that reflected our work. We wanted a modern, appealing, striking exterior that would turn the building into a landmark!

Thanks to the extremely talented BMD we think we have achieved that with a result that went beyond our expectations. The final mural, titled "The Great Escape" by BMD, shows animals fighting back and breaking free from animal experiments.

We wanted artwork that gave hope and motivated people. It needed to be visually appealing so as to encourage people to stop and absorb the art, and at the same time symbolise what it is we are working towards.

What better way to do that than by showing the voiceless victims of animal experimentation working together and creating a positive change! BMD jumped at the chance to show their support for the issues NZAVS works on.

They are passionate about a variety of animal and environmental issues. They have previously completed murals highlighting the plight of the Maui Dolphins, the slaughter of sharks for their fins, climate change and more. We are all very happy with the end result. The extremely talented BMD understood what it was we were after. The piece took most of a week to complete and it was a very exciting time watching it evolve from a discussion over concepts into the finished mural above.