Out of the Labs Petition Presented at Parliament!

Today NZAVS presented our 'Out of the Labs' petition at Parliament! We have collected over 15,000 signatures on this petition, which asks the government to introduce a mandatory retirement policy for animals used for the purposes of research, testing and teaching, and those used to breed for these fields. Heaps of our supporters, dogs, and even a pony turned up to show their support, and Member of Parliament Mojo Mathers accept the petition on behalf of the government!

NZAVS, HUHA, and many animal friends were at Parliament today to hand our ‘Out of the Labs’ petition. 

The ‘Out of the Labs’ petition asks the government to introduce a mandatory retirement policy for ex-lab animals. This would require labs and the facilities that breed animals for the purposes of research, testing, and teaching to attempt to rehome animals through registered animal rescues before euthanasia is considered.

This petition has received over 15,000 signatures! We think this shows that New Zealanders really care about the animals used for research, testing, and teaching. We love animals at NZAVS, and we know that most New Zealanders do too!

Member of Parliament Mojo Mathers accepted the petition on behalf of Parliament. Ms. Mathers is an incredible asset to NZAVS and she assured the crowd that she would be following the progress of the petition within the government very closely. It’s awesome to have such an amazing politician on our side!

So many people came out in support of the petition, bringing along their dogs, and in one case even a miniature horse! 

“NZAVS are committed to ending animal testing, but unfortunately we have to work within the framework of a country where animal experimentation is extremely commonplace. If facilities are going to test on animals, we at least want to make sure they get the opportunity to have a loving retirement home,” said NZAVS Campaign Manager Cressida Wilson.

Some of the dogs who attended were beagles from HUHA’s 2011 rescue from Valley Animal Research Centre. These beagles have been rehabilitated and rehomed, and have become loving family members. We think all ex-lab animals deserve the same opportunity!

You can see us featured in the media on Radio New Zealand and One News

Thanks again to everyone who came!

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