Otago Students, Tell the University How You Feel!!!

The Otago University Students' Association Referendum opens today! Make sure you participate and let the University know it is not cool to secretly allocate $50 million to a new animal lab!

Today the Otago University Students' Association 2017 Referendum opens, and this year they have included a question on the $50 million animal lab!

The question regarding the $50 million animal lab is as follows: 

‘Should OUSA lobby the University to cease development of a new animal research facility until they have transparently consulted with students on the financial, ethical and scientific value and implications of investing in animal-based research?’

We are asking students to please consider voting YES on this question. It is important that universities consider what is best for their students before embarking on costly projects such as the new animal lab!

If you are a Otago student, you can vote in the referendum here.

You can also join the proposed new Otago University Club  — Students Against Animal Testing here

If you know any students at the University of Otago, you can invite them to the event on Facebook.

Want to find out more? You can watch this video of the OUSA forum where Otago students had the opportunity to speak about the questions posed in the referendum!

And you can find out what a real Otago university student thinks in this Critic article about the referendum here!

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