Moblise! Competition Winners Announced!

The competition to have your artwork feature on the cover of the next issue of our magazine, Mobilise! has ended and we haven chosen our winners!

Last month we asked supportive artists to enter our competition to have their artwork featured on the cover of the next issue of our magazine. 

We had an overwhelming amount of talented and passionate people send in their artwork.

First place:

First place goes to Lucy Verde Rose for her beautiful piece titled 'Bunnies escaping from the fires of hell'.

Lucy is 27 and works as a full-time artist, animal rights activist and essential oil wheeler-dealer.

Why is she against animal testing? 

"I am against animal-testing on principle as I understand that non-human animals are also individual creatures with complex emotional lives, loves and desires. I believe no creature, large or small, should live his or her life in captivity".

This will be the next cover our our magazine, Mobilise!

Second place:

Second place goes to Sarah Lynagh.

Sarah is 39 and a single mum to two kids and two rescue rabbits. She became vegetarian 18 years ago when she was working at an agricultural research facility — "It was my first close-up exposure to animal testing and it really hit home to me how cruel it was and just how scared these animals were.  Needless to say I stopped working there shortly after.  I became vegan three years ago and haven't looked back since!"

This will be our back cover for the next issue of Mobilise!

Thank you so much to everyone who entered the competition, you all made it very hard to pick two winners.

More artwork entries will be featured inside the next magazine too!

How can you get your hands on one of these beautiful magazines?

Just become a NZAVS member for $25 a year! We send out two issues of Mobilise to our members every year to show them what they are helping us achieve!

Help us end animal testing... 

Become a member today!

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