Become a NZAVS Animal Advocate!

Help us campaign to end animal experimentation with a monthly gift! As a monthly giver, you will be an NZAVS Animal Advocate (an essential part of the NZAVS family), entitled to exclusive updates, and much, much more! Together we can make a change that benefits both lab animals and human patients!

NZAVS HQ is very excited to announce our Monthly Giver Programme: NZAVS Animal Advocates!‚Äč

As a non-profit organisation, NZAVS relies on the donations of our supporters to continue our fight to abolish vivisection in Aotearoa New Zealand. 

NZAVS campaigns advocate for human-based research methods; human patients urgently need applicable treatments, and animals deserve to live their lives free from painful experiments and small cages. 

NZAVS provides essential information to the public and lobbies the government on issues relating to the scientifically flawed, inhumane practice of vivisection.


Our NZAVS Animal Advocates give a monthly contribution which ensures that NZAVS can continue to effectively campaign to end animal experimentation.

Together we can make a huge difference for animals in labs and for the humans waiting for effective treatments!

Sign up as a NZAVS Animal Advocate Here! 

Our Animal Advocates will receive: 

  • Complimentary copies of our magazine, Mobilise! as it is published;
  • Exclusive updates from NZAVS HQ;
  • And invitations to NZAVS events!

Find out more about donating to NZAVS here!

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