The Body Shop Given the All Clear!

Global cosmetics company, the Body Shop is now officially cruelty-free.

We are thrilled to hear that the Body Shop is now 100% cruelty-free once again! 

The global cosmetics company has officially been purchased by Natura & Co which is a great shift away from their last parent company, L’Oréal who continue to sell their products in China and permit the continuation of animal testing.

This change happened in September last year but we needed to make sure that this was 100% accurate before we formally shared the great news! We also needed to make sure that Natura & Co, as well as the Body Shop, are fully against animal testing. Often cosmetic companies have great public relations teams that make changes sound more positive than they actually are — this wasn't the case for the Body Shop!

In the past (before 2006) the Body Shop was once renown for its strong stance against animal testing and the refusal to test any of their cosmetic products on animals.

This was good for animals, humans and science as they weren't subjecting animals to cruel experiments with the intention of using animal-based results to predict the human response. 

NZAVS and our many supporters know that animal-based research like testing products designed for humans, on animals is fundamentally scientifically flawed and should be banned.

Unfortunately, in 2006, their progressive reputation was tarnished when the Body Shop was sold to L’Oréal. Although  L’Oréal claims to be against animal testing and they do fund some great research into non-animal based methods for testing the safety of products, they still sell their products in China.

The Chinese government conducts mandatory animal tests on all cosmetic products imported into the country. They also do random post-market testing (which is often done without the company’s knowledge or consent). Hence, even if a cosmetics company does not test their products or ingredients on animals, if they sell their products in China they cannot be considered cruelty-free. 

 L’Oréal can look to LUSH as a great example of an international cosmetics company who has refused to sell in China until their mandatory testing requirement is removed. Because of this, LUSH can honestly state that they are 100% cruelty-free and their very successful company acts in a way that doesn't jeopardise their strong policy against animal testing. 

We have recently had confirmation that the change of ownership of the Body Shop from  L’Oréal to Natura & Co is now official!  You can read the press release from the Body Shop (last September) here

Natura & Co represents the three pioneering companies within the Natura group - Natura, The Body Shop and Aesop. All three companies share the same purpose and a common commitment to sustainable and ethical business practices.

Natura & Co is against cosmetic animal testing and does not conduct any animal testing at any stage of its product development process. They have no confirmed with NZAVS that they don't test any of their products or product ingredients on animals and that they refuse to sell their product in China until the requirement for imported cosmetics to be subject to animal testing is removed!

This is fantastic news for all of our supporters who stopped purchasing cosmetics from the Body Shop in 2006 when they were brought by  L’Oréal — Now you can all go back to the Body Shop knowing that they are 100% cruelty-free and support them and their fantastic work in ending animal experimentation worldwide.


More background information about the Body Shop:

In 1996, The Body Shop started campaigning to end animal testing in cosmetics - the first global cosmetics company to do so. Their Against Animal Testing campaign gathered four million signatures - the largest ever petition at the time - and they delivered it to the European Commission. In November 1998, their campaign lead to a UK-wide ban on animal testing on cosmetic products & ingredients.

In 1997, The Body Shop is was the first international cosmetics company to be recognised under the Humane Cosmetics Standard supported by leading international animal protection groups. Also, in 2009, The Body Shop received the RSPCA ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’.

In June 2017, The Body Shop, alongside Cruelty Free International, launched their biggest campaign ever to ban cosmetics animal testing everywhere and forever. Our Forever Against Animal Testing campaign has now secured 4,608,224 petition signatures making it the biggest campaign in history to call for an end to animal testing in cosmetics! They still have a wee way to go until they reach their target of 8 million signatures. 









Please sign and share their petition HERE 


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