MPs support a Mandatory Retirement Policy for Ex-Lab Animals!

Current and past Animal Welfare Spokespeople for the Green Party show their support for getting animals out of the labs.

We are thrilled to have the support of not only the current Animal Welfare Spokesperson for the Green Party, Gareth Hughes but also of the previous Animal Welfare Spokesperson, Mojo Mathers for our Out of the Labs Campaign! That's two generations of animal welfare spokespeople supporting us as we ask the government to create a mandatory retirement policy for ex-lab animals.


Both Gareth and Mojo have supported us multiple times in various anti-animal testing campaigns. Mojo was the MP who we asked to accept our out of the Labs petition on behalf of parliament last year!

Above: Mojo Mathers with our Executive Director, Tara Jackson at the petition handover event last year (27th April 2017).

Both Gareth and Mojo attended our Paws for Parliament event which we organised to help promote our campaign. 

Above: Mojo Mathers and Gareth Hughes at our Paws for Parliament event last year (7th April 2017).

We are lucky to have their ongoing support and we would like to publicly thank them for helping us promote the importance of giving lab animals a second chance at life.


How can you help? Encourage MPs deciding on our petition to make the right decision and create a mandatory retirement policy for ex-lab animals in NZ!


Send an encouraging message to the MPs making this important decision here 



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