We are looking for new Committee Members!

We are looking for new Committee Members!

We’ve started planning our next AGM, which we are aiming to hold in July. Important decisions are voted on at our annual AGM including the approval of new Committee Members!

We are looking for dedicated NZAVS members to volunteer to join our Managing Committee and help guide and administer NZAVS.

We are looking for new Committee Members who have some or all of the following skills:

• A genuine passion and desire to end animal experimentation

• Experience working with a group to run an organisation

• Time available to help end animal experimentation

• Campaign strategy experience

• A commitment to the vision, core beliefs, goals and policies of NZAVS

• A good team player

You can read more about our vision here and our core beliefs here.

Ideally, candidates will have been an NZAVS Member for at least two years before applying but if you don’t fit that criteria and still wish to apply, we recommend still submitting an application. According to our Society Rules, only Members of the Society that have been paid members for two years at the least may be Committee Members, unless a majority of the current committee members approve the nomination.

NZAVS is an incorporated society, this means that we are a legally registered organisation formed for reasons other than financial gain (i.e. to end animal experimentation).

As we are an Incorporated Society, we have a Managing Committee, comprising the following persons:

- The Chair/President;

- The Secretary;

- The Treasurer; and

- Other active Committee members

As a Committee Member, you will help guide NZAVS to be a sustainable and successful organisation. Our committee meets once a month to discuss current issues and vote on relevant matters.

To apply please send a single sided A4 sheet with information about you, what you have to offer, and why you think you would make a great addition to our committee. This will then be forwarded to all members as part of the appointment process.

Applications need to be submitted before the 18th June 2019 to be in time for the next AGM. Please post or email them to either: nzavs@nzavs.org.nz or NZAVS, PO Box 9387, Tower Junction, Christchurch 8149.