Kiwi Actress Holly Shervey Supports a Ban on the Forced Swim Test in NZ!

Kiwi Actress Holly Shervey Supports a Ban on the Forced Swim Test in NZ!

Kiwi Actress, Holly Shervey supports a total ban on the Forced Swim Test, she told us that:

"Animals are capable of feeling both pain and fear, so why would we put them through this cruel & unnecessary process? I support a total ban on the use of the Forced Swim Test."

You will have seen Holly on Shortland Street and Awkward Love (she is also the Creator & Co-Writer of this series). You may have also seen her on the cover of the latest Vegan Society magazine


Quick Q and A with Holly Shervey

Q: You must have a really busy life as an actress, yet you have chosen to take the time to stand up against animal testing (which we are so grateful for!). Why is this issue so important to you? 

A: Growing up as such an animal lover, I am aware of how capable animals are of feeling emotions so similar to our own - including pain and fear - and I don’t think any being (animal or human) needs to suffer in this way. 


Q: What would you say to someone who believes that animal testing is a necessary evil that is actually helping people? 

A: I would ask if they have seen the alternatives to this practice. So many companies are moving away from practices involving cruelty to animals - so why not support something that is cruelty-free instead of the one that uses animal testing?


 Q: How did you feel when you first found out that the animals were being used in the cruel and archaic Forced Swim Test in NZ? 

A: I was shocked. I had no idea this existed in New Zealand.


Thank you so much for supporting our call to ban the use of the Forced Swim Test in NZ Holly!

If you agree with Holly. you can take action for lab animals today and sign the NZAVS and SAFE petition here