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The Body Shop Supports an End to the Forced Swim Test!

The Body Shop Supports an End to the Forced Swim Test!

We are super excited to announce that the Body Shop is supporting the NZAVS and SAFE campaign to ban the Forced Swim Test in NZ!


The Body Shop now has copies of our petition in all 25 of its stores across the country. When we asked why they wanted to help, Barrie Thomas, the Managing Director of the Body Shop New Zealand said: 


"The Body Shop has always been, and will always be, Forever Against Animal Testing. And against all forms of cruelty to animals. The Forced Swim Test that is being conducted in New Zealand Universities is invalid, cruel and inhumane. Supporting this campaign is in line with our values as a business, and hence why we are showing our support by having the petition in our retail stores".


Make sure you pop into your local Body Shop store and show them some support! With their help, we will now be able to reach many more Kiwis and put even more pressure on the NZ Government to end the use of this cruel and invalid animal test!