Hundreds of Powerful Statements Supporting a Ban on the Forced Swim Test in NZ!

Hundreds of Powerful Statements Supporting a Ban on the Forced Swim Test in NZ!

What people think about the use of the Forced Swim Test in Aotearoa…

Over five hundred people (including psychologists, researchers, mental health workers, counsellors, doctors, nurses, veterinarians and vet nurses) have provided a personal statement to support the NZAVS and SAFE petition calling for a ban on the Forced Swim Test in NZ. 

You can submit your own statement here.


  1. “Because of advances in evolutionary biology and complex systems we now understand why the Forced Swim test does not currently, and never will, have predictive value for human response to drugs and disease. It is a waste of time and money and results in harm to patients and animals,” Dr Ray Greek, Anaesthesiologist and President of Americans for Medical Advancement and Europeans for Medical Advancement


  1. "On numerous grounds, the use of the Forced Swim Test should be banned in New Zealand. From an ethical standpoint, the Forced Swim Test is quite obviously inhumane. A sentient being experiencing a long period of extreme stress until it passes from exhaustion is gold standard cruelty. There is absolutely no scientific evidence to support a linkage between the results of the testing to any useable data that may be beneficial to research and outcomes for human application in regards to psychological or physical issues. Animal welfare issues aside - Without a direct link, these tests are invalid and unjustifiable. It is a black mark on New Zealand and our ‘institutes of higher learning’ that these tests are allowed to continue. Mental health is a pressing issue in our country. Spending resources pursuing methodology that has no linkage to potential treatments is incredibly detrimental. The Forced Swim Test needs to be banned in New Zealand immediately," Dr Melanie Vivian, Psychologist, Founder & CEO Jane Goodall Institute New Zealand 


  1. “I was horrified when I heard this test was occurring in New Zealand and reading the academic literature it’s scientific benefit seems unlikely. This test is unjust, unnecessary and scientifically unhelpful,” Gareth Hughes, Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand MP (Wellington) 


  1. "We must move on from cruel, archaic experiments that harm human life, especially in a time where our carelessness as human beings is exterminating thousands of species every single year," Tamatha Paul, Victoria University of Wellington Student Association President (Wellington)


  1. “The forced swim test lacks critical aspects of model validity for the study of depression: swimming or floating in a pool of water looks nothing like human depression; the underpinnings of why an animal would choose to swim or float are not a reflection of the presence or lack of a depressive mood; the results from the test only translate clinically when the test has been manipulated to fit the experimenter's precise needs. It's all around a poor test and it causes sensitive animals to suffer. Importantly, there is a sea change occurring in pre-clinical depression research to move away from crude, 'black box' tests like the forced swim test as they waste resources and delay research progress. New Zealand would do a great service to its research productivity in this area if it banned the forced swim test nationwide. I completed a doctorate degree in neuroscience which involved the use of animals in molecular and behavioral experiments. The inadequacy of the forced swim test and the consequence of the poor 'research' it promotes was a common topic of conversation among my mentors and peers,” Emily Trunnell, PhD, Research Associate and IACUC Liaison (Norfolk, USA)


  1. “These swim tests are barbaric and dated. I have a BA in Psychology and a MSW. The only valid way to study the effect of mood disorders on humans is to study humans. This should be painfully obvious! All the animal tests are doing is seeing how long it takes for these innocent rodents to stop trying to survive death from drowning. Animals don’t have mood disorders these are unique to humans only,” Cassandra (San Diego)


  1. “This is beyond cruel. Please stop this torture!! Needless experimentation with no ethical boundaries. Treat all life with reverence please!” Cathy M, Former mental health services manager and mental health project worker (Birkenhead)


  1. “The negative unhealthy effects of depression - encapsulated in feelings of hopelessness - are well documented. This applies to humans and other sentient beings. As health specialists we work to remove depression wherever possible. To use experiments to induce feelings aligned with depression is, in any capacity, cruel, counter-instinctive and should be avoided at all costs. The majority of New Zealanders are against the forced swim test. Do the right and humane thing; end this barbaric practice,” A. D. Kirby, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Master of Health Science (MHSc, 1st class Hons) (Auckland)


  1. “I am supporting the ban on the swim test on laboratory animals. I believe that it is cruel and the results of this test are irrelevant to human psychology research. I have a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Auckland,” Cristina Weinberg (Auckland)


  1. “For 35 years I practiced as a psychiatric nurse. I understand depression and the use of antidepressants and the very hit and miss nature of drug therapy. So many of these medications have very poor efficacy, many are not suited to the individual, and many are not favoured by prescribing clinicians. There is no justification for the on-going torture of animals. This is blatant abuse, animals being cruelly sacrificed to feather the nests of those practicing a flawed science. This must stop,” Helen Webb (Motueka)


  1. “As a veterinarian I am appalled this is happening. There is NO extrapolative value in this test. None whatsoever. The animal ethics committee of Victoria University should have shelved this archaic test years ago!” Lesley Munro BVSc, BSc, MSc (Auckland)


  1. “I have a double Psychology degree, the first from1972, the second from 2002,  and I have worked in the areas of counselling and psychotherapy since 1994. It was already becoming clear in 1972 that the application of animal studies to human behaviour and physiology was highly dubious (eg open brain experiments on cats) and often downright incorrect. Nevertheless, on the basis of those experiments that have demonstrated validity, cruel experiments using animals have continued. We have in place ethics constraints on experiments involving humans and many famous experiments carried out before the 1980's would now be ruled out. On the basis of 'useful findings' it could be argued this should not be as a number of cruel experiments on humans did lead to new understanding. It is the new tech, notably CAT canning,  that is opening the ground breaking findings in psychology this century. The time to bring a halt to inhumane animal experiments is now,” Caz Sheldon (Wellington)


  1. “I am extremely upset to know that in this age and in this country, this cruel practice is taking place.  It is shameful.  I will never vote for a government that allows this cruel and unnecessary practice to continue,” Jo Hall (Christchurch)


  1. “The behaviour of mice swimming for their lives and then floating to conserve their energy to have the best chance of survival can NOT be compared to signs of human depression.  I am ashamed to be a recent alumna of VUW where this barbaric and unscientific test is allowed to continue despite the university being aware of all the protests,” Catherine Woeber (Palmerston North)


  1. “This is the most flagrantly useless, senseless of occupations imaginable, designed essentially to provide grants and long-term income to the 'experimenters'. The experiment is irrelevant to human psychosis, transparently ridiculous, and a criminal waste of tax-payers' money. If people I've known with depression had been subjected to the forced swim test, their survival or otherwise would have depended on their aquatic skills and physical stamina,” Vivienne Sands (Taupo)


  1. “As New Zealanders living in Australia we are very disappointed that you researchers are not leading the way as New Zealanders so often do in so many other fields. This test is a joke (but not for the poor rats) and totally unnecessary and no doubt has been duplicated around the world for many years and proves what? If the rats are so similar to humans then how dare you treat them in such a barbaric manner and if they are not like us, then the tests are totally invalid. Stop wasting precious resources and do something useful with your taxpayer funds,” Annette & Chris Schnack (Brisbane, Australia)  


  1. This test is just an excuse for abusers of animals to continue their abuse under the guise of research or testing. Simply put, it's nothing short of sick minds at work and calling it testing. Well, we are not buying it!” Marilyn Williams (Las Vegas)


  1. “As an animal lover and someone who has had various pets over the years which include mice and rats I find it appalling that cruel abuse of these animals which do feel pain and do suffer is being done in this country,” Karen (Auckland)


  1. “The forced swim test is yet another example of the sad state of the scientific community.  When are scientists going to progress to real, relevant scientific practices?  Vivisection is scientific fraud. I am praying that the New Zealand government would make history and ban animal experiments in New Zealand and that the rest of the world would follow New Zealand's lead.  Jacinda Adern is a well-liked and respected Prime Minister,” Linda Anderson (Melbourne)


  1. “Humans are animals, rats are animals, humans feel joy and pain, rats feel joy and pain, we are all the same, only, humans have voices and can stand up for themselves and rats can't, they can't protect  themselves from evil, they can't tell us the pain they are in, but humans can, I can, and you can, so we need to to use our eyes and see the pain rats are in under the Forced Swim Test and stop it. Not just because we can, but also because we have to. Please make the change, nothing bad will come from it, and by this disgusting test being stopped, the world will become a better and happier place,” Lucia (Christchurch)


  1. “All animals are highly sentient beings.  They feel anxiety, terror, pain, love just like us humans. Please help make this world a better place ... & stop this abuse which you have full control over,” Maria La Frenais (Auckland)


  1. “Personally I find the use of the “Forced Swim Test”, or F.S.T., to be an example of the cruel use and abuse of animals in the pharmaceutical industry. With little effort I can find several research papers that invalidate the use of the F.S.T with regards to its applicability to humans; Google Scholar is one such avenue, along with the paper searches provided by university libraries. The act of placing a living thinking and feeling creature, such as a mouse or rat, in an enclosed space filled with water, from which it can not escape except via its own death or the assistance of a human being, is an abhorrent means by which to assess its will to live and hence state of mind. In my view, the state of being depressed in a human relates only to a lack of organic nutrient-dense whole food, sun exposure, exercise, and appropriate social interaction with other healthy minded and positively focused individuals. Chemical imbalances within the mind of an individual classified as depressed are only the after-effects of the lack of the aforementioned factors, and not its cause. Exposure to agricultural and industrial biocides and pollutants also play very significant roles in a person’s physical and mental health, and hence state of happiness or depression. The way a society treats the animals subject to the boundaries in which that society lives, both physical and psychological, is yet another measure of that societies’ moral evolution and development. The more cruelly we treat our fellow creatures the more cruel we are in truth ourselves. Empathy for others is a prime value to a creative happy healthy and cooperative society. Time and time again history has proven that societies that give little or no consideration to their treatment of animals, and the world they live in, suffer a long and protracted decline and death. The animals used in F.S.T. tests are being tortured, they believe there is no hope, no chance to escape the torment they are forced to live, so they eventually give up, and would otherwise drown. Would a human being like to be treated in this same way, used again and again to evaluate the efficacy of a new drug in the treatment of another species state of mind, in the hope it will be applicable to them. What psychological effect long term would this have on the human? Perhaps complete insanity would ensure within the mental structure of that person. Animal testing should cease across the board, and the F.S.T. is just one example of the ridiculous and obscene use of animals in pharmaceutical research that needs to end now!” Sasha Unverricht (Palmerston North)


  1. “A mouse may be small,  but it is not insignificant.  It is an integral member of the animal realm.  As Humans we should endeavour to not cause harm and suffering to others.  The animal welfare act should cover all animals.   This is an abuse of power for no end.  Depression is due to factors other than hopelessness,  which can be a symptom,  but not a cause.  It responds with support,  cognitive training,  practical things,  pills do not really solve life problems.   I find this treatment of little mice an abuse of power,  a callous act disguised as research.  Please support those of us who have strong ethics and compassion in NZ,” Helen Berry (Nelson)


  1. “This seems to me, like many other tests carried out on innocent helpless creature, a completely pointless test!!” Julie Windsor (Bristol)


  1. “The forced swim test is one of the pure basic evils. It's a no brainer,” Rhys Corner (Dargaville)


  1. “It’s a fact that animals feel pain and fear so why is it still legal for institutions and companies to continue doing this in the name of science. Animal testing is barbaric - period. If it wasn’t then we would carry these tests out on humans. So either we start doing so or we find other ways that don’t involve torturing animals. Either way this has to stop,” Andrea (Auckland)


  1. “In our modern and technological age surely there is an alternative such as a computer simulation or some other technology? I am all for research & advancements but we need to rethink the mindset that animals are "tools" or "product". Don't we want a compassionate world for all living beings?” Kasey Nitschke (Parafield Gardens)


  1. “Our universities seem to labour under the misguided impression that 'research' using animals for human conditions is anything other than misleading.  Numerous other disasters in medicine have occurred due to this erroneous belief. This makes the terror inflicted upon these poor innocents, sentient beings all the more ghastly and unconscionable. It behoves our humanity that we do not allow these animals to suffer any longer and that the forced swim test is immediately consigned to the dustbin,” N Owers (Wellington)


  1. “The swim test is animal torture. It is terrifying and cruel. Abusing animals in this way is totally unacceptable and the perpetrators should be prosecuted under animal welfare laws,” Sylvia Cooper (Surfers Paradise)
  2. “One would have to seriously question the morality of forcing sentient beings through fear and despair, and especially when the test has been done many times before and proves what about humans?  That humans have a capacity for pointless cruelty, or a limited ability to care outside the square of their own species?” Jill (Dunedin)


  1. “I can only imagine the fear that these sentient beings are going through as they fight for their lives. It is a cruel and unnecessary experiment. One has to question the motives of those carrying out these experiments and if the efficacy of the results of what is tantamount to torture, are of any real value, or if they are just reinforcing a scientific ego. I have experienced depression and regardless of what pharmaceutical product or scientific gain is believed to be found in these experiments, I would not wish to be benefitting from them!! There are far more alternatives available that have reliable results,” Wendy, counsellor (Wellington)


  1. “The use of the forced swim test needs to stop,” Carlee Min Gregory (Auckland)


  1. “Our similarity to rodents makes these experiments possible - this is no way to treat a sentient being,” Risa Mandell, Psychotherapist (Ambler)


  1. “No Animal testing is needed in medical research. In the era of IT much more precise Modells can be used. Especially for psychological or Psychiatrie disorders research using funct. MRI is much more specific than this obsolete animal testing,” Claire, Hadjikakou, Physician, Psychotherapist (Larnaca)


  1. It's an absolutely disgraceful practice. These experiments are now widely known to be invalid, irrelevant and useless. They do not yield results that are transferable to humans and so their only purpose is the willful mistreatment of animals. If the experiment is testing for emotions such as "hopelessness" and feelings of depression, then this only indicates that the researchers believe that these animals are capable of feeling such emotions - and if that's the case, then they are clearly SENTIENT creatures. If they are sentient, then how is such a cruel practice not seen as morally and ethically reprehensible? No civilized individual or group would approve of or conduct such experiments. They have no place in today's world. This practice will continue to be vehemently protested against UNTIL action is taken to discontinue it permanently. It is time to develop new methods that are actually beneficial to humans, and that do not require the infliction of terrible suffering on others. Thank you,” Anna Howes (Christchurch)


  1. “This is insanely cruel and barbaric!!!!!” Maria Mercedes (Melbourne)


  1. “Please end this inhumane cruel swim test,” Tammy (Wahi)


  1. “We now understand that these animals share with us the part of the brain that allows us to feel fear, panic, pain, the need to survive.  We can exploit this but we can also empathise with them. These animals should have rights and protection against this exploitation.  There should be much greater examination and controls on the apparently unacceptable use of animals in such questionable research,” Tricia (Tauranga)


  1. “This test has no place in a modern university. It is based on faulty science and causes unnecessary distress to innocent creatures. VUW and Otago are aware of public protests yet have not stopped this invalid test. Please listen to the public and outlaw this outdated experiment,” John Read (Palmerston North)


  1. “This barbaric, sick, cruel, unnecessary, outdated, disgraceful experiment must be discontinued. Those responsible for deliberately treating live animals in this manner should be ashamed of themselves,” Judy Eva (New Plymouth)


  1. "Lazy Science: Doing something horrible to defenceless animals to see what happens to them, then present it as a scientific revelation," Kan K (Flaxton)


  1. “Treat all of gods creatures with the respect they deserve...I am unsure why we have to ask you to make a decision to do the humane thing here...consider yourself in the position of the’s not right, animals rights are real....DO THE RIGHT THING,” Kim Sweeney (New Plymouth)


  1. “The forced swim test is outright cruelty and has no relevance to human depression. Researchers need to spend more time dealing with humans, not animals,” Joan Pow (Lincoln)


  1. “How barbaric for a supposedly modern, advanced country. Still not listening to the science like so much else!” Hilary Bisschops (Hamilton)


  1. “I am a registered nurse and think that some people participating in the forced swim test would be psychology harmed. This isn't what we want to Foster in our young people, it's just cruelty. What does the torture and killing of an animal teach psychology students? All participants are victims of the forced swim test. How about we focus on building "humanity,” Mary (Wellington)


  1. “This is beyond cruel. Please stop this torture!! Needless experimentation with no ethical boundaries. Treat all life with reverence please!” Cathy M, Former mental health services manager and mental health project worker (Birkenhead)


  1. “I think it’s appalling in a so-called civilised society that animal torture is condoned  in any form, particularly when the reasons given involve dubious science such as stressing small animals and relating their resultant behaviour to human beings. I’ve seen small children pulling the wings off flying insects for amusement. Unfortunately the Forced Swim Test reminds me of this unmindfully cruel practice,” Rod Baxter (Alexandra)


  1. “I want to live in an enlightened civilization that rejects the indignified torture and murder of other living beings. Please be kind to Tane's children ;o) Kiore come from te wao nui a Tane,” Rhonda Akuhata (Hamilton)


  1. “As a lover of animals, I think this swim test is despicable. Its cruel and causes extreme anxiety. Please stop this now,” S. Jones (Tauranga)


  1. “NZ government has passed legislation in 2015 stating that all animals are sentient beings.  Isn't it time we start backing up our laws with actions and ending such cruel, torturous and inhumane 'actions of research' forced upon any animal that is supposedly under the 'care of researchers'.Torturous or inhumane actions performed on animals by members of the public are deemed to show potential tendencies for acts towards humans such as child abuse or bullying. Why should a double standard exist for researchers and public.  It sends a message to the public that torturing animals is 'OK'in some situations, which many children or teenagers would not comprehend the double standard, F Mead (Auckland)


  1. “We have all seen this torturous abusive useless tests stopped by huge companies around the world.  THIS DOES NOT WORK. MICE HAVE NOTHING IN COMMON WITH HUMANS,” Eunice Jury (New Zealand)


  1. “The forced swim test is inherently cruel for rats and mice and must be discontinued these animals suffer pain and stress the same as humans, I fail to see how this abhorrent test can help understand depression in humans. Please discontinue this unnecessary practice,” Mavis Rothwell (Brisbane)


  1. “Please put a stop to the cruel and invalid Forced Swim Test. Thank you,” Theo Aslan (Tauranga)


  1. “Enough of this atrocious and totally horrific torture making money from torturing is sign of psychopaths. even if there was any real reason there is never an excuse ends never justify the means,” Anne Roberts (Melbourne)


  1. “How anyone doing this can sleep at night I’ll never know. Evil people. These poor little fur creatures,” Di Leach (Melbourne)


  1. “I firmly believe, the way a person treats another living being is a reflection of the true nature of that person. Any person who can intentionally place another living being into distress, pain, horror or hurt, kill another living being is despicable. Why cause harm? There is no need,” Tracie Anne Blottin (Huntingdale)


  1. “No living being should be forced to be suffering in useless and cruel experiments which prove nothing in the end, and should be proven in a different form not involving cruelty and harm,” Elaine Small (Balwyn North)


  1. “You are hurting the most vulnerable amongst us with the forced swim test to test for despair. Its shockingly cruel. ice and rats are sentient individuals that feel and experience deep joy, pain and fear. They are not lifeless robots or lab equipment to be used and abused!! Stop this nightmare for animals please!” David (Indianapolis)


  1. “This is inhumane and traumatising ...lets find another way,” Rachel Ryburn (Waikato)


  1. “This us cruel and barbaric. Please stop the forced swim test,” Michelle Malaspino (Fairhaven)


  1. “Some countries use rats to find land mines because they are so intelligent but here we are in New Zealand, using them in a cruel and scientifically invalid test. It's time to stop,” Sheridan Brown (Wakefield)


  1. “No animal should EVER have to suffer to benefit humans. You cannot torture humans, why would it be ok to torture animals? Shameful and not the kind of thing that Aotearoa is all about,” Sean (Hamilton)


  1. “I support a ban on the forced swim test. It is inherently inhumane. I have had pet rats and can personally attest to their intelligence and sentience. The New Zealand Government should ban this test, it is inconsistent with the Animal Welfare Act and the views of New Zealanders. If Jacinda Arden and the Labour Government are as caring and compassionate as they claim they would immediately legislate to ban the forced swim test,” Avril Mcintyre (Auckland)


  1. “The suffering is obvious and apparent,” Samantha Solomon (Spokane)


  1. “I have dealt with very sick people who suffered with depression BUT I CATEGORICALLY DISAPPROVE of the “swim test”. It is abhorrent, repetitive, non-productive, unnecessary and INHUMANE!” Marianne, Nurse (Melbourne)


  1. “This is a terrible way to treat an animal. Anyone who is a Scientist by now knows any animal they put through abuse is suffering because they all feel. Why would you do that especially when it comes to mental illness why use animals. I suffer from severe depression and other mental health issues and I know doing this to a Mouse or any animal is brutal and disgusting. STOP DOING THIS TO MICE AND OTHER ANIMALS NOW!” Anonymous


  1. “I hope the world will stop being fooled by such an irrelevant test. I find it utmost sad that the very cruelty towards mice and other animals is completely ignored by the industry. Again I am appalled by the fact that evil, ignorance and stupidity go hand-in-hand,” Maria Lindgren (Oslo)


  1. “The Forced Swim Test is irrelevant and pointless. Additionally it is an act of animal cruelty and abuse resulting in stress and suffering on the part of the animal subjected to this test.It is a flawed experiment with no correlation to human depression and will not further any understanding of the causes of depression in humans. Depression is a complex and multi-faceted problem where context, behaviour and historical influences all contribute. The only relevant and valid way to understand depression is to conduct human clinical trials. I am completely against the Forced Swim Test and would like it banned immediately and permanently,” CV (Auckland)


  1. “I do not want any animals harmed on my behalf (or anyone else's) for any reason. Animals are conscious, sensitive feeling creatures. They carry the same life energy as we do but in a different form.  I consider their life as valuable as mine. This is cruelty in the name of science. I do not want my country NZ associated with this practice or any other practices harming animals. There are other ways. I am always appalled to see animals put through tests for humans that humans would not be part of themselves. Would we be put through tests for animals?  This is use of another species who have no idea of what is going to be done to them, no choice and no ability to defend themselves. This should be stopped now,” Carol Stratford (Christchurch)


  1. “There have obviously been many many Tests to bring this barbaric practice into the public arena.  Why continue?  You will have more than enough information.  It is so cruel. Please stop this immediately,” BJ (Auckland)


  1. “These are feeling, sentient animals that you are abusing. It is no different to the historic human slavery. You would not wish to have this cruelty inflicted on you and your loved ones I am sure- so have some decency and stop inflicting pain and cruelty on other lives. In essence it speaks volumes of your personalities,” Ed Abdool (Wellington)


  1. “Forced swim testing is cruel and inhumane. The animals being tortured by this testing are living breathing creatures who feel pain and terror the same as human beings do. They do not deserve to be so cruelly treated. Stop this barbaric and horrific treatment of animals and find other ways to conduct your tests that don't rely on animals,” Kathleen Grossman (Fort Pierce)



  1. “This is not necessary and is inhumane. This should be stopped immediately as it serves no purpose except to torture animals. Disgusting,” Maureen (Agassiz)


  1. “This is nothing but torture.  If you've done it once, there is your information.  Stop this abuse of innocent animals,” Patricia Williams (Jamestown)


  1. “I’ve never seen a more ridiculous “test” in my life!  I prefer to call this torture!  What earth shattering results to humankind has come from this?  NOTHING!” Linda, Vet Tech (Pittsburgh)


  1. “End the cruel experimentation techniques,” Janice Banks (Center Barnstead)


  1. It saddens and depresses me that we torture animals like this.  It's appalling and unnecessary.  Shame on us for abusing defenceless animals. I have an honours degree in Psychology though I think that's irrelevant regarding this despicable abuse of helpless creatures,” Jennifer Hukins (Auckland)


  1. “Please add your voice to stop this inhumane, pointless, barbaric practice. Your silence in this matter will show that you support this horrendous cruelty,” C. Miller (Kaitaia)


  1. “All testing on animal as well as cruelty in any kind, must end now!” Elaine Al meqdad, PhD in psychology (Darien)


  1. “Sentient beings rely on us to protect them from human harm. I pledge to speak for them, to be their voice,” Annie (New Plymouth)


  1. “I am an older person who adores animals, all animals and creatures. I have seen the trauma that animals experience, usually at the hands of some cruel person who had no empathy and no compassion. To do this deliberately to any animal is abuse,” Ms Tate-Lovery (Brentwood)


  1. “End this torture now!” George (High Point)


  1. “This test is utterly inhumane & beyond cruel, not too mention sadistic! End this animal torture now,” Lisa A Neste (High point)


  1. “I am appalled that these tests still exist in the name of science. Total lack of empathy from a lot of people,” Rolf Bronzwaer (Dalhem)


  1. “This test is exceptionally cruel and inhumane and serves no purpose,” Sandra Materi (Casper)


  1. “This test is utterly ridiculous. I have researched depression for many years and have worked successfully with hundreds of clients. This test has no value at all,” Liz Crawford, Counsellor (Lancaster)


  1. “Any cruelty against animals is despicable,” Nancy Telese (Palm Beach)


  1. “Forced swim test are archaic and barbaric. Its the 21st century and with computer simulations, robotics, AI and other technologies it is no longer necessary to engage in this abhorrent practice. Please end it now!” Bruce (Antioch)


  1. “Please stop testing on innocent animals,” Kimberly Gentner (Philadelphia)


  1. “I'm a vet nurse with 20 tears experience. I have worked with pet rats and mice and have witnessed first hand their tenderness towards one another, their maternal bond, their intelligence and the joy they bring their owners. Your tests are proven to be ineffective and outdated. STOP THE CRUELTY!” Karissa Spindler (Bathurst)


  1. “Forced swim test is cruel and abusive. You would not perform this test on human,” TAS (Raleigh)


  1. “Testing on animals is wrong,” CDR (London)


  1. “It is unacceptable in this day in age to be conducting such experiments. This practice is cruel and barbaric. Studies have been done confirming that mice do have feelings, experience fear, love and pain. How is putting a mouse in water to swim for her life helpful and conducive to the advancement of science? This goes entirely against what is ethical and moral!” Corinne (Toronto)


  1. “To use sentient beings as if they were purely commodities, without feelings or senses for these ridiculous tests is abhorrent and need to be stopped,” S Liddell (Auckland)



  1. “Isn’t it time we end cruel and pointless animal testing?  I would think computer models can provide accurate and precise information.  Why should any being have to suffer needlessly?” Nancy Rupp (Glen Burnie)


  1. “The forced swim test is a cruel form of torture to animals. It does not eliminate the risk in the new drugs testing or human consumption. Researchers and labs should adopt humane methods. Simulators cost money- labs have it- but saves animals lives, which matters a lot more. No less than this is exigible on the XXIst century,” Elvi (Rosario)


  1. “Please ban forced swim tests and all animal cruelty in NZ,” GM (Christchurch)


  1. “STOP animal testing!  It’s not necessary and inhumane.  Just STOP,” Darla (Lehighton)


  1. “In 2019 there is ZERO need for ANY tests like this,” Chistina Lee Williams (Athens)


  1. “What is happening to these poor creatures is beyond horrific. The fact that you continue this torture is inexcusable. Where is your compassion?” Sanja Dimitrijevic (Coronado)


  1. “This cannot be called experiment, it is a cruel senseless act. This should never have existed, so it needs to stop NOW,” Esther Simon (Chevilly, Switzerland)


  1. The relationship of putting rats under enormous stress and the causes of depression and the likes in human is absolutely unrelated. People tend to become depressed/clinically depressed for a whole range of very human reasons [no need to mention them, I am sure] ... and stress and exhaustion are only two factors in the realm of possibilities,” Manuela Freeman (Whangarei)


  1. “One thing could make me more proud to be a New Zealander and that would be to see our law makers make a stand for animals. I support many campaigns to fight for better conditions and protection and animals overseas and it’s hard not to judge those countries and cultures harshly who treat animals so badly. The fact that we knowingly let this kind of cruelty legally happen in New Zealand when so many of us are against it deeply saddens me. Please do the right thing,” Candice Murray (Auckland)


  1. “I urge you to stop all swim test. This practice is cruel and unnecessary,” anonymous, Clinical psychologist (Coogee)


  1. “These tests are absolutely useless in the context of the very complex individual circumstances of various depressive symptoms and behaviours,” Paul Shortall (Dublin)


  1. “I find the whole arena of animal testing inhumane, unethical and unnecessary. The swim test is particularly unpleasant and unnecessary as it is attempting to compare situations between humans and animals which are not analogous. Doing any such experiments in the name of medicine which is supposed to have criteria of a curative or beneficial nature is totally unacceptable,” Angela Kent (Abu Dhabi)


  1. “This treatment of animals is totally barbaric and definitely needs to STOP!!” C Miller (Cardiff)


  1. “As someone who has struggled with depression my whole life I find the forced swim test abhorrent and invalid. I do not understand how any rational thinking, intelligent person can think that this inhumane test mimics depression in humans in ANY way, shape or form. Stop torturing animals,” Emily Jolliffe (Blenheim)


  1. “I have depression and would hate to think my condition was behind the reason to do this to poor creatures. They deserve a life too. Stop testing on all animals NZ,” Fiona (Takanini)


  1. “I am completely against the forced swim test. Unnecessary & cruel,” Sheena Palmer (St Barthelemy de Bellegarde)


  1. “Apart from the fact that treating vulnerable animals in such appalling ways is in itself unethical, it is difficult to see why subjecting them to such horrors can tell us anything about human depression,” Marian Hussenbux (Woodchurch)


  1. “We do not want a culture of cruelty to animals in NZ,” Naomi (Coromandel)


  1. “All animal testing must end now!” Kathleen A Gualtieri (Philadelphia)


  1. “Simply are we a nation of animal lovers or not? I genuinely hope that we are and that this is recognised by ending this abusive and un-needed exercise in animal cruelty,” Adrian Ryder (Christchurch)


  1. “PLEASE, stop this cruel, wicked practice,” Ann Harvey (Canterbury)


  1. “This is cruel and needs to stop,” Karen Crabtree (Halifax)


  1. “This is barbaric and cruel. There is NO proven benefit to humans of this kind of research. Let’s be the kind of humankind that we aspire to be. And let’s be honest,”EJ (Auckland)


  1. “Cruelty in its highest form, this is unacceptable and cruel, makes me feel sick, they may only be rats. But rats have feelings and a beating heart, they make beautiful pets and are highly intelligent,” Tracey S (Manawatu)


  1. “The forced swim test is evil. That is a loaded, emotive word, but this is what I believe. To take an innocent, sentient creature and torture it this way is horrific beyond comprehension. It is completely inexcusable and unjustifiable. Rats and mice are intelligent, inquisitive beings with personalities and emotions. They have just as much character as a cat or a dog. This "test" would never be carried out on a cat or a dog in the name of "research". It is a crime against nature. Everyone involved in allowing this cruel and pointless experiment to be carried out is complicit. As someone who has been treated with various medications for severe, long-term depression, I believe whole-heartedly that 1) there is no 'miracle cure' in the form of a pill, and 2) nothing that could be potentially be discovered from this atrocity could ever justify it. Even if the test were scientifically sound, even if a new treatment for depression could be discovered from it, it would still be evil. Keeping pet rats has done more for my mental health than any pill,” Rachel (Hastings)


  1. “Not only is this swim test profoundly cruel, the science behind it looks to be very weak. I can’t believe it has passed the ethics committee,” J Paver, Doctor (Auckland)


  1. “There is nothing about this test that shows this will benefit   anyone except some selfish researcher who wants to publish their name,” Diane (Auckland)


  1. “A life is a life, no matter who the heart beat belongs to. We have no right as human beings to inflict this utter cruelty on any living thing. Our conscience and our compassion is what makes us human. Where is yours?” Paula H-S (Essex)


  1. “Animal experiments are cruel, outdated and unnecessary. If animals are so close to us as to make testing on them useful, then there is a HUGE ethical issue - the same as experimenting on people. If they are NOT the same as us, ie there is no ethical issue, then the experiments are of no value. You can't have it both ways. There are other, far more accurate, and entirely ethical, ways to test anything,” Madeleine Innocent (Millendon)


  1. “The Forced Swim Test is cruel and unnecessary torture of innocent sentient beings and should be banned immediately. If you are wanting to study and understand depression and hopelessness in human beings then study human beings that are suffering from depression and hopelessness, there is a plethora of them and I am sure a large percentage of them would be willing to volunteer,” K Boyd (Auckland, New Zealand)


  1. “Look at the bigger picture please. Stopping these tests will have no impact on the human race in years to come, but stopping them WILL have significant impact on the quality of life of the animal concerned. Never do anything to an animal that you wouldn't be prepared to do to yourself. Your life is of no greater or lesser value than any other being,” EC (Christchurch)


  1. “From everything I know this cruel and misguided test and have researched this type of test “creates intense fear, anxiety, terror, and depression in small animals,” without even generating useful data, so does not even do what the researchers intend,” Tom, RMN CQSW BSW PGDip Hsci (Hokitika)


  1. “End the Forced Swim Test! It's cruel and unnecessary!!!” Margarida Valadao (Lisbon)


  1. “They are God's Creatures. And we shall not kill and hurt, but show compassion and care. Our life is short also, let us take the chance, do good, stop the violence ('God is Love') and support the vegan lifestyle. He is the beginning and the end, one day we will die also. Can there be more important reasons? Do we really need more reasons?” Monika Baumann (anonymous)


  1. “This is so shocking to me that I'm stuck for words, it's beyond cruel and unbelievable that Victoria University is trying so hard to keep it going, these people are our future, what a worry!” Deb Rose (Queenstown)


  1. “Animal cruelty is intolerable in any & all guises. Stop using animals for medical research,” Mary Scarth (Waimate)


  1. “I am writing my thesis on workplace bullying and I find this ‘test’ disgraceful and invalid. Only depressed people can be tested. Not mice and rats who are fighting for their life to stay afloat. The researchers are bullies, or in this case murderers. This test proves nothing. It is animal abuse and to call it research is a joke,” Carolyn (Christchurch)


  1. “This test is cruel and unnecessary. Ban it now,” Rose Silich (Auckland)


  1. “Subjecting animals to swim tests for data is an archaic form of science.  Researchers should be ashamed of putting animals through this format of data collection,” Wendy Ysasi (Seattle)


  1. “This test is cruel and appears irrelevant. There has to be more humane tests,” Trace       (New Plymouth)


  1. “It is really horrible that those animals suffer for nothing. Stop it!!” Gaby Navarrete (Veracruz)


  1. “I am totally in favour of this swimming test being banned because it is only cruelty. It makes me feel so sad and I cannot understand that human beings are able of such a cruelty towards innocent animals,” Sylvie Ouilhon-Dumartin (Nanyuki)


  1. “I do not understand how humans can make innocent animals suffer such cruelty. I will never understand why humans believe they have this right!” Leigh Menzies (Auckland)


  1. “Stop this horrible cruelty,” Maria O Donnell, Bsc. MSC (South Portland)


  1. “I have always and still do abhor what I can only term as senseless and cruel experimentation on living beings. I do not subscribe to the spin that it benefits science. In my book no activity that causes pain and suffering to a living creature can ever be justified,” Rolf Rompelman (Auckland)


  1. “This is a cruel, pointless “test”. The only thing you are proving is that you don’t care. This test has been stopped in many other countries around the world as it was confirmed to be pointless,” Kim (Levin)


  1. “To have a chronic illness is to know what it’s like to suffer. I don’t want my disease to have animals suffering to find a treatment, I’d sooner take it on the chin myself. What’s worse is the forced swim test was used recently with a chemical ‘already’ known to slightly help patients with the illness they were studying! That’s back to front science. We already know the outcome yet animals were still forced to suffer!” B Robinson (Wellington)


  1. “Stop these inhumane experiments. Imagine if you were in the mouse's place?” Nadir (Toronto)


  1. “This is Barbaric and has to stop,” Harry Hill (East Cowes)


  1. “What right do we have to treat any animal so cruelly; it is beyond belief that such a test can be allowed and I strongly request we stop it immediately. Thank you,” Gijs  (Kaeo)


  1. “I think the Forced Swim Test is just a cruel waste of time and life! Nothing has ever been proved or solved with it except that animals have suffered and died! That is both disgusting and disgraceful!” Debbie Cieplinski (Reading)


  1. “I had mice for two years and they were the sweetest, funniest, and loveliest boys I could have asked for. They were so friendly - they loved meeting new people, they loved cuddles, and had such funny and individual personalities. Mice and rats, like many animals, are living beings that deserve love and care. Cruelty is totally unnecessary. Every living creature deserves better,” Samantha (Christchurch)


  1. “I feel that the forced swim test is absolutely terrible! Would the Economic Development, Science and Innovation Committee like their pet animals to be forced into this horrible form of torture? It makes me feel saddened and angry when I look at the photos of the rodents swimming in panic or are drowning in the beakers of water. Please stop this!” Zarni (Hamilton)


  1. “I believe that animals have as much right to be treated humanely and ethically as do we and that repeating the swim test purely as part of a curriculum is not ethical. It isn’t honest to even call it an experiment because it is repeated ad infinitum with the results well documented. This practice must be stopped!” Jane (Hawkes Bay)


  1. “Only do to animals what you would do to yourself,” Lesley (Auckland)


  1. “It deeply saddens and horrifies me to read and hear about the atrocities that our animals are enduring on this planet. I totally believe they are here to live in unison with human beings and we are here together to naturally help one another within the ecosystem we inhabit. A huge part of the imbalance and disharmony our earth has been facing for the past few hundred plus years is directly due to the majority of mankind showing no respect to our brothers and sisters, all of which include humans, animals, plants and oceans. Use humans for experiments if the study results are to be used for humans.. and leave the innocent animals alone! Also, have these lab technicians read "the wild beyond" by Piers Torday,” Karri (Hamilton)


  1. “Ethics should permeate every aspect of society. The forced swim test is unethical. It is an act of torture. It normalizes torture,” Janet Charman (Auckland)


  1. “Please stop this cruel, senseless, unscientific form of cruelty, it is barbaric to the extreme, and makes absolutely no sense.  How can people sleep and use these horrible tests?  Who comes up with these nasty waste of money tests THAT MEAN ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!” Joan Gwen Daye (North Sydney)


  1. “This is cruel and a disgusting way of treating animals,” Margaret Head (S New Brighton)


  1. “No animals should be forced to undergo such horrific torture, regardless of the beneficial outcome. There are other, more accurate ways to collect data than this. I am urging this to stop and find alternate studies. No human, or animal should be tortured for science. Times have changed in the scientific community and there have been so many advancements in the way we can collect data. To continue using animals and torturing them for our own scientific findings is horrendous and outdated,” Emily, Neuroscientist (Bowen Hills)


  1. "Shameful doesn't even begin to describe what I feel about this torture of small creatures trying their best to survive. This must STOP as must all cruel animal practises, today's technology will have made these practices out of date and non-efficient AND we in New Zealand will NOT allow them to continue," Narsus (Auckland)


  1. “There are viable alternatives to animal testing, and there are organizations to prove it,” Raewyn Cowie (Christchurch)


  1. “I was appalled at the testing that is being done on mice in the New Zealand universities, and when she put it on facebook, my grandson rang and said she had got it wrong, they would not do this in New Zealand, and would not believe it until she sent through more information.......This should not be allowed and I am surprised that the government is allowing this to continue - not a good image for New Zealand,” Peter (Porirua)


  1. “This archaic and cruel test needs to be abolished. There are such extreme differences between animal and human brains that it is completely unnecessary to perform this to research depression. New Zealand is so far behind much of the world in relation to animal cruelty it is embarrassing and we should be ashamed,” anonymous (Tauranga)


  1. “Please change your outdated methods of testing on animals,” Lynn Mcdonald (Porirua)


  1. “We do not have the right to mistreat animals - ever. Doing so in the guise of understanding depression etc is simply ridiculous as well as being cruel,” Peter C (Sydney)


  1. “There is obviously no correlation between forced swim tests with rodents and depression on humans. These experiments are bizarre and inhumane. Stop them,” Jb (Wellington)


  1. “Mahatma Gandhi once said, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”  Where is mankind today after thousands of years of cruelty against those who cannot fight back or defend themselves.  What is the nature of mankind that thinks these barbaric tests (of all nature) are any good?  Are we not better than this?  Are we not mature enough yet to rise above such immoral behaviour?  I think not and despair for every one of us.  Each of us is to blame for what these people do.  Only when everyone stops barbarism can we have any hope of survival.  Outer space means nothing in a new world if this one is so full of unjust savagery and inhumanity,” Andrea Goudie (Croydon)


  1. “This is just ludicrous animal abuse. In no way can this correspond to human depression, how could it? Exhaustion isn't clinical depression, is it? The funding for abuse like this needs to stop - it only misleads scientific inquiry and gives the impression that anything can be used to justify cruelty,” Alex Lester (Toronto)


  1. “These innocent animals are being subjected to TERRIBLY CRUEL and Senseless testing here. This is not netting important nor even necessary data and I cannot understand WHY this must continue!!! Animal testing is becoming antiquated with best results being achieved by modern, effective, alternative methods, which are more cost-effective as well. These poor animals are suffering and this MUST END NOW! PLEASE, YOU CAN MAKE THIS DIFFERENCE! Many Thanks, in advance,” Laurie Hein (Ocala)


  1. “How can a forced swim test be justified?  They should be ended immediately,” Fromberg (Los angeles)


  1. “The forced swim test is total animal cruelty. This is appalling and it needs to be banned immediately,” Kathy A (Auckland)




  1. "I rescue rats and also suffer depression anxiety and OCD. I find it horrific that you use such intelligent gentle souls in an experiment that has no relevance with how I feel in my head. Get a grip and stop being so cruel. Animals deserve our care and compassion,” Kylie Boucher (St Leonard's)


  1. “I find it very depressing & distressing when I see pictures of the forced swim test. I think it is animal cruelty & should be banned,” SM (Queenstown)


  1. “The torture of sentient beings depresses me.  In a scientifically untenable effort to kerb depression in humans, the use of non-humans by vivisectionists has had the opposite effect for me.  If done in a back alley by people without lab coats, it would make newspaper headlines and lead to arrests,” Billy Leonard (Whangarei)


  1. “This cruelty has to stop, shame on you!” Marina (Auckland)


  1. “ENOUGH!! Stop the torture and killing of animals in the name of science! This is not acceptable or forgivable!” PN (Summerfield)


  1. “Please help end cruelty to these dear wee animals. They are intelligent beautiful pets. So please help this cruel experiment now,” J Beri (Canterbury)


  1. “This test, along with others in laboratory animal testing facilities, cause suffering and must be banned,” Sue Griffiths (Nelson)


  1. “Man's arrogance in 'experimental torture' is horrific, pointless and demeans the humane race,” Bim Hopewell (York)


  1. “The fact that this is still happening these days is disgusting. How exactly is this going to help anyone? All you're doing is torturing an innocent creature. Its inhumane and horrifying. Catch up with the times. Stop animal testing stop animal cruelty,” Kim (Wellington)


  1. "This is barbaric in 2019. It must end,” Dean Kerr (Auckland)


  1. “I strongly oppose the Forced Swim Test in NZ which has officially been submitted to Parliament. This test is extremely cruel and unnecessary,” Mary Johnson (Edgewater)


  1. “I'm studying for a Psychology degree and I don't for one second believe that torturing animals is justifiable for any reason whatsoever,” Tameka (Birmingham)


  1. “The fact that this happens in New Zealand sickens me,” Billy Mathie (Napier)


  1. “I was diagnosed with clinical depression 20 years ago and would NEVER approve of this test!” Anthea M (Adelaide)


  1. “It is disgusting to let animals suffer in this way for experiments that have totally no use.  Animals can't be compared with humans & making any animal suffer in such a horrific cruel way should be banned.  Kids see enough horror without this total prehistoric cruelty.  Stop teaching something that's so cruel & has no relevance to human feelings or behaviour,” Barb Higson (Tauranga)



  1. “I strongly believe what humans do not want to be done to them they should not inflict on other living creatures! The forced swim test is cruel and unnecessary, so please stop this and other animal tests immediately!!!” Christina (Rotorua)


  1. “The Forced Swim Test proves nothing except that small animals are being victimised. The mouse has no options other than to give up trying to get out of s beaker. Therefore, it must be recognised the test offers nothing valuable in relation to the treatment of human depression. Therapy and or medications are options that can be offered to the sufferers of depression that can be helpful,” M.F.Wilson (Whangarei)


  1. “Stop the cruel forced swim tests!  They are unnecessary and inhumane!!!” Jo Ellis (Basehor)


  1. “Please stop this suffering and treatment of innocent animals, it serves no purpose,” Jean Le Brun (Jersey CI)


  1. “This is so unnecessary and cruel.  You have no right to use them. They suffer and deserve every right to live as people do,” Michele Miedlar (Chicago)


  1. “This test is the opposite of innovation. It's clearly a waste of time otherwise you wouldn't need to repeat it over and over. As an ordinary New Zealander, usually one of the silent many, I am speaking up as I'm absolutely disgusted at so-called educated people seemingly having no conscience about using humble creatures at your mercy as though they are of no more value than a dropped pie. What right do you have to use their lives that way? Would the tests be acceptable if you used kittens or kiwi? In my view what you are doing is sickening, outdated, immoral and it is appalling that you as supposed leaders and role models allow this to continue. As humans, how can you do this to completely defenceless animals? At some stage in your lives I hope you look back on the part you played in enabling animal experiments, and that it is something that makes you feel less than proud,” Terry (Wellington)


  1. “This isn't science. This is the worst of humanity masquerading as science in the quest for money. Any scientist or institution involved in this sort of barbaric exploitation needs to read The Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness and justify their actions in the light of that knowledge,” AK (London)


  1. “We need to stop this barbaric practices! Makes me sick!! Stop the torture of innocent animals!” anonymous (Hoorn)


  1. “It is horrific that animals are subjected to this type of cruelty. Humans should be better than this,” Kerry Lianne (Napier)


  1. “As someone who has been diagnosed with multiple mental ill-health issues, I would rather die right now, than have some deluded person tell me I will benefit in any way, from forcing terrified animals to swim for their lives until they give up all hope. This is not science, this is torture,” Kat (Wellington)


  1. “If this was happening to humans it would be a worldwide crisis. Why can this not be a worldwide crisis. This is disgusting on all levels!! This HAS to STOP... STOP THESE TYPES OF TESTING!!! IIT IS CRUEL AND INHUMANE FOR ANY PERSON OR ANIMAL,” Pollyanna Alo (Auckland)


  1. “The very fact that this test exists adds to my depression,” BH (Whangarei)


  1. “To know whether something is humane, first determine if you would want it done to you. I honestly believe that most humans would not want this done to them,” Cheryl Scott (Copacabana)


  1. “As a student of the sciences at Otago University, it really disheartens and disgusts me that the forced swim test is carried out here. It gives me great concern over being able to move forward with my degree when such a cruel and pointless waste of life is considered science worthy of practising,” Jackie Milford (Dunedin)


  1. “Continuing with the extremely cruel and unnecessary swim test does not prove anything about depression. How can you equate such a nasty test with human depression. Anyone who can do this to a small helpless animal and stand by watching while they struggle to stay alive has a serious mental problem...” Linda (Waikato)


  1. “I find it abhorrent that researchers are free to perform tests such as the Forced Swim Test on animals. In this modern era, there are vast opportunities for non-animal based research which often prove to be far more effective and relevant.  There simply is no 'excuse' to put sentient beings through such horrific tests.  Animals are not ours to use and abuse,” Erica Connolly (Sherborne)


  1. "I abhor any form of mistreatment & abuse to animals, & the FORCED SWIM TEST is one such form. Regardless of whether or not there is scientific proof that this "test" aids research for human depression, there is absolutely NO excuse to subject animals to torture or scientific experiments. The fact this is being done in NZ universities sickens me & I implore you to end this cruel practice IMMEDIATELY!!!  Having experienced mild depression myself, I know it is a symptom of our environment & one we have created ourselves. Any experimentation should be conducted on humans, NOT animals!!" Stephanie Paul (Auckland)


  1. “The forced swim test is horribly cruel and totally unnecessary, it shows little to no relevance to treatment of depression or other mental illnesses,” Jay Brooker (Wellington)


  1. “There is enough cruelty and violence against the venerable in the world already without adding the forced swim test,” Frances Studd (Wellington)


  1. “This is nothing more than sadistic treatment of an innocent animal. What it shows is the inhumanity of those doing these tests,” Virgene Link-New (Anacortes)


  1. “These antiquated, senseless and Horribly CRUEL tests have NO PLACE in modern times!!! These poor innocent animals are suffering for basically NO REASON. JUT IMAGINING them in this is terribly upsetting and MUST END NOW! Please HELP STOP THIS INSANITY AND INHUMANITY!!!” Laurie Hein (Ocala)


  1. “I have had many rat and mouse companions throughout my life, mice as a child and rats as I've gotten older. These creatures are highly intelligent, affectionate, empathetic and generally fantastic little friends. They experience trauma and depression, not in the sense supposedly being modelled by this absurd test, but as a result of the horrors, they endure in this horrendous experiment. They remember these things, they remember people and who has treated them well. It absolutely breaks my heart to think of these amazing animals being tortured. The forced swim test is not only barbaric, but pointless and achieves nothing I can possibly comprehend other than satisfying some sort of sadistic fantasy. The mere thought of them being forced to swim for their lives makes me physically ill. Anyone with even the slightest it of empathy for other species would agree that this is wrong,” Sarah-Lee Berry (Tauranga)


  1. “Please put an end to the use of the cruel and unnecessary Forced Swim Test,” Emily Lee (Liscannor)


  1. “Gaining the knowledge that these barbaric tests are still performed on intelligent, sentient lives is enough to require a dose of antidepressants, ironically. Surely there has been enough testing done on more than enough drug options in this field to cease this blatant cruelty. Please ask yourself the question - would you like to be in a giant glass of water, not knowing if you were to be pulled to safety and swimming for your life? Please, we need to "do unto others," anonymous (Christchurch)


  1. “This practice is barbaric and shameful and unnecessary. It must be stopped,” Barbara (Christchurch)


  1. “I do not see how inflicting pain and suffering on a helpless animal can assist with anything related to the complex emotions of a human. In fact it is, to me, completely hypocritical. To make one being suffer to “help” another. Surely in this day and age, there are other options that don’t involve such barbaric acts,” anonymous (Invercargill)


  1. “I think this type of sadistic testing should not be tolerated in our society. There are no benefits of any kind to be gained from this form of testing,” M.W. (Tauranga)


  1. “Please have a heart for lab animals & please end this barbaric practice of testing on our fellow beings. These poor souls have done nothing to warrant the abuse & torture they get, we have no right,” Karen (Moneymore)


  1. “Stop the forced swim test of sentient beings. Imagine if you were in their place,” Nadir (Toronto)


  1. “Please ban the use of the Forced Swim Test in NZ,” Debi Griepsma (Fontana)


  1. “Animal testing, such as the Forced Swim Test, is not only cruel, but unscientific. Besides inducing terrible suffering on animals, the consequences of drawing conclusions from animal models to determine treatments for humans are potentially disastrous. There is no scientific basis for carrying out animal testing and the forced Swim Test must be banned,” Andre Bittar (Wellington)


  1. "This experiment is monstrous and unnecessary. I have always believed New Zealand to be a country of compassion, we were the first country to give women the vote! There is enough cruelty in the world,” anonymous


  1. “The forced swim test is cruel and barbaric and should no longer be used...ever! Please stop this cruel and archaic animal testing immediately. Thank you,” Linda Fighera (New Rochelle)


  1. “Why would anyone do this to an animal. It does nothing to enlighten us about human depression, a rat has a different brain and probably a different outlook than a human. It is cruel, of no use whatsoever, and I think would do more to depress any human with empathy,” Linda Goldfinch (Auckland)


  1. “I struggle to draw a parallel between my experience, and forcing a small animal to desperately swimming for its life. Depression and stress can FEEL like I'm a mouse, swimming hopelessly against all odds, but that's a metaphor. Just a metaphor. Knowing that creatures are unwillingly forced to exert themselves until the give up only magnifies the feeling of worthlessness and being a burden that comes with depression,” Samantha (Wellington)


  1. “I cannot understand why humans would do such things just because us humans (yes me) have panic attacks anxiety etc. You put Mice in a glass of water!... give me and many others a break. Anyone who suffers from mental illness would never wish this to happen to these sentient creatures let alone another 'human being' STOP IT!!” Amandajane  Hellier


  1. “The forced swim test you are currently practicing in is absolutely shocking and totally unnecessary! Stop animal testing, the innocent animals do not deserve this treatment!” Leigh-Ann (Auckland)


  1. “The swim test is inhumane and illogical. It must end,” Thomas J Pintagro            (Jamestown)


  1. “Forced swim test is abuse. Would companies subject humans to forced swim tests like these?” TAS (Raleigh)


  1. "Forced swim testing should be banned. It is a barbaric and pointless form of animal cruelty. I feel saddened that our laws allow this practice to exist,” Mike Kelly (Upper Hutt)


  1. “The forced swim test is cruel and serves no purpose,” Sandra Materi (Casper, WY)


  1. “This is beyond inhumane and must stop!!!!” Cath (Birkenhead)


  1. “The forced swim test serves no purpose, but to allow those people so inclined to bring out their cruelty. Humans are supposed to be civilised, this is not an act of civilization,” VRC (Cambridge)


  1. “This test is extremely cruel and unnecessary. It causes horrible suffering to sentient creatures and should be stopped. I think that people who have power to make decisions should use that power for good and stop the suffering, fear and misery inflicted upon these poor creatures by ending this test now,” anonymous (Birmingham)


  1. “When an oxygen breathing land-based mammal is dropped into an inescapable beaker of water it scrambles to find a way out and treads water to stay afloat. It doesn't want to drown. This is an instinctive reaction, a survival instinct, we all have it. Treading water is exhausting, which is why the rats float, conserving energy. I have had pet rats and mice for 30 years. Their dislike of water is why I have always bathed them in shallow water and only for the purpose of their health. The forced swim test, in my opinion, is cruel and has no purpose in researching the mental health of humans,” Tracey Ultra (Upper Hutt)


  1. “This swim test is so disgustingly cruel and unnecessary. No creature should be forced to swim for there lives just for a test. Make the testers do this too so they can see just how cruel it is,” Christine Burgess (Mouzon Charente)



  1. “Experiments on Animals are unnecessary and have no place this day and age,” Julie        (Lake Macquarie)


  1. “If our education is dependent on animal exploitation, we are NOT future thinking. New Zealand is an urbanised country; our education system should not be based on the experience of an animal. Humans are far more intelligent and complex than animals - it is unreasonable for this to be applied to human depression,” Menka Kumar (Auckland)


  1. It must be horrible to be made to swim until you lose hope; and since scientists do not even agree what the results of those experiments mean, there is no benefit from them that would justify the cruelty. Therefore, I want forced swim tests to be banned,” Dita Škalič (Moravske Toplice)


  1. "The forced swim test not only causes immense suffering to the animals forced to endure it, but it cannot be compared with or predict the effects of anti-depressants or other drug treatments on humans. The causes of depression are many.  They can be complex or unidentified, and are frequently not fully understood, and cannot be compared with the survival response of animals who "give up" struggling and float. There are human and scientifically valid methods of testing drugs, and the emphasis on drug testing should be on the development of human tests that are relevant to human behaviour. There are organisations world-wide whose aim is to develop and provide alternatives to drug testing on animals.  Using animals for human drug testing is not only cruel and causes immense suffering to the animals - it is also unreliable and very poor science,” Ann Young (Ludlow)


  1. “In a civilised society, the use of something as inhumane as the forced swim test, shows man at his worst. Depression and hopelessness are a human condition, which cannot be mimicked by forcing a defenceless animal to almost drown. A floating rat will not be experiencing the range of emotions felt by a depressed or hopeless person. It is a cheap, inefficient excuse at 'experimentation' and a cop-out. Ban it. We don't need barbarism cloaked as science,” Sharon Apfel (Half Moon Bay)


  1. “We are in 2019, almost 2020, and in 2019 forcing cruel treatment on sentient beings in unacceptable. Things are changing all over the world. Animals are no more seen as objects. Please ban the Force Swim Test in NZ. I thank you in advance,” Patricia Bittar (Montreal)


  1. “The fact that animals go through such cruelty at the hands of uncaring, unfeeling humans disgusts me. These are human problems. Tests should be done on humans,” Amanda (Auckland)


  1. "I Am Against Any Tests Or Research For Any Reason On All Living Creatures !! Human Beings Have Lot To Answer For! This Forced Test Swim Is Very Inhumane and Cruel !!" Andrew David Merricks (Liverpool)


  1. “Permanently BAN all cruel testing with animals. ESPECIALLY the ridiculous swim test! All animals simply want to live and save their lives. The swim test has NO correlation to depression in humans.  The notion is absurd.  Human beings can and do suffer from depression and commit suicide.  Animals certainly get depressed in the abysmal confinements of intensive factory farming, but they NEVER commit suicide or go on "hunger strikes" unless they are genuinely ill.  The swim test and all other cruel testing on animals MUST NEVER be done !!   All animals are sentient beings and deserve to be treated with kindness, compassion, care and empathy at all times,” anonymous (Auckland)


  1. “Hopefully the scientists will redirect the funding allocated to help people with depression,” Darren New (Melbourne)


  1. “How on earth can this barbaric 'test' relate to hopelessness in humans.. How many humans attempt to swim in a glass container... Please stop this cruelty and allow these innocent animals to live their lives.  It is a complete waste of time and taxpayers money,” Tracy Light (Stratford on Avon UK)


  1. “I am opposed to all forms of animal cruelty. This is clearly one of them and I support all action to stop it. I would like to see an end to all testing on animals, it's totally unjustified, completely unnecessary and shows humans at their worst. They are not products, they are living beings like us and deserve to live their natural lives,” Jonny Thompson (Hastings)


  1. "This ridiculous test has no bearing on depression in regards to any species, let alone the mouse to human one - I once got caught in a rip and was exhausted within minutes; it is physical ability/endurance that is crucial, not mood,” Rhonda Findlay (Manawatu)


  1. “Having looked at the information available from a number of academic sources, it's evident that the forced swim test is not fit for purpose and there is no reason for its continued use. An article in "The Scientist" earlier this year has summed it up pretty well and I'd like to quote an extract: "Traditionally, researchers have associated immobility in the water with a lack of drive, equivalent to the symptoms of human depression. But that interpretation has been criticized in recent years. Researchers have pointed out that water temperature and other factors seem to affect the results, and that rodents may stop swimming not because they’ve run out of motivation, but because they learn they’ll be lifted out of the tank if they sink,” Fran (Auckland)


  1. “The cruel treatment of other sentient beings really makes me lose all respect for some higher education institutions. In this day and age and with what we know about the complex feelings and capacities of other animals, animal experimentation is quite simply a gross moral crime. No amount of justification for the use and abuse of animals in research studies can make it any less hideous and disgraceful,” Wendy Dugmore (Perth Western Australia)


  1. “These tests are inhumane, cruel and unnecessary. A normal, compassionate person would see this and in no way support something so disgustingly barbaric,” Chris Williams (Atlanta)


  1. “There's already too much evil in the world for people to think of animals as having less rights. All life forms are equal,” Rhys Cornor   (Dargaville)


  1. “I spent much of my life suffering from depression, but am fully recovered now. I never took any drugs for it; instead, I used prayer and meditation. I needed love, understanding and support. The idea that an animal must be tortured to help cure human depression is so bizarre I'm incredulous anyone in the 21st century could countenance the idea. In fact, it is certain that people who do suffer from depression should never be told that animals are suffering needlessly for their sake, because that news would surely plunge even a happy person into a depressed state. Just think of all the cruelty that has been inflicted on people and animals in the name of science, and find the courage to stop this example of it,” Alison (Whangarei)


  1. “Please put an end to this unnecessary practice and cruelty,” Luke Shave (Copenhagen)


  1. “I implore you to stop these barbaric ‘tests’. The terror and desperation that is felt by these sentient animals is too much to bear. Please feel empathy and compassion!” CW (Bideford)


  1. “The forced swim test is barbaric, inhumane and unnecessary. New Zealand's treatment of animals is embarrassing enough as it is without this backwards-looking practice taking place in our country,” Daniel (Auckland)


  1. "Stop this evil disgusting animal testing now! There are other ways to investigate Depression- why not ask human beings who experience symptoms of it and get your answers from test subjects who have a voice and who are willing participants!” Sheryl Moran (Worcestershire)


  1. “Please stop this cruel test. There is nothing to be gained from it. It is just sadistic to do this. We are supposed to protect animals and this precious Earth,” Nicola (London)


  1. “I cannot believe that this test is still being used. It provides no insight into human mental health issues - all it does is measure the exhaustion level of rats!” Vicki (Hamilton)


  1. “I am not an expert in the field of psychology, but I know how seeing these poor mice suffering makes me feel. I feel sick to the stomach and totally disgusted that anyone could support this cruelty, over and over again.  It's totally incomprehensible that this test is allowed to be repeated and totally unnecessary. Please put a stop to this forced swim test.  Thank you. regards, Raewyn Holmes,” Raewyn Holmes (Christchurch)


  1. “I work in mental health for the South Eastern Melbourne PHN.  There is nothing that can be learnt from these absurd and irrelevant experiments.  Stop this outright cruelty immediately!!!” Salome Argyropoulos (Melbourne)


  1. "This is unnecessarily cruel and proves nothing. It has to stop as is abhorrent to the majority of New Zealanders. These tests prove ultimately nothing. Use humane alternatives and stop torturing animals" Jeanie L (Auckland)


  1. “This is a useless & cruel experiment. Does anyone remember THALIDOMIDE. It was fine for mice but destroyed humans. I really don't know what it did to the mice . BUT ALL EXPERIMENTS ON ANIMALS ARE WRONG," Diana Ferguson (Auckland)


  1. “These tests are absolutely useless! There are completely non-applicable to humans! STOP THIS NOW!!” Jamie (Ventura)


  1. I believe that animals are not put on this earth for us to torture and be used and abused. Animals need food, shelter and safety just like us and just like us feel pain. This swim test is an appalling abuse of animals and distresses me when I read about such terrible things happening to defenceless creatures,” anonymous (Adelaide)


  1. "I am appalled that this Forced Swim Test is being carried out in my country, NZ. Come on guys, there has to be non-cruel method to carry out your investigations. We will not stop until you stop,” S Jones (Tauranga)


  1. “You don't need to be a scientist to recognise how deeply flawed the 'science' is in the Forced Swim Test. Human depression has complex and often chronic origins - from within the subject (genetics, upbringing, even a poor diet and lack of exercise, among other things) and/or due to external circumstances; often a combination of both. Human brains are also complex, as are human support networks and personal resources. How dropping an unsuspecting - and, presumably well-balanced - rodent into a perceived life-threatening situation is meant to 'mimic' depression in humans is almost laughable - if it wasn't so cruel and inhumane, let alone misleading scientifically. Animal tests such as the Forced Swim Test must be banned so that funding and effort may be redirected to real scientific research,” Marlene Curyer (Te Awamutu)


  1. “Would we do this to our children or beloved pets. No living creature deserves such cruelty. Stop this now it's so upsetting to many people. This is causing depression,” Margaret Head (S New Brighton)


  1. “This is despicable it must stop,” Felicity Noble (Hamilton)


  1. “This is evil crime please stop this forever,” anonymous


  1. “This test is cruel, inhumane and unnecessary regarding the human flight or fight response, depression, PTSD, or determination of human emotional response,” Traci Phillips (Chicago)


  1. “To force any living entity to endure to the end of their ability is so cruel. Please stop this awful practice,” Maria (Kaiwaka)


  1. “This test is one of the cruellest things I've ever heard of. It honestly makes me sick to my stomach to think about it. And it's so tempting to just ignore what's happening and do nothing because it's so emotionally exhausting to keep up with this, but we can't stop talking about it until it stops happening. This test MUST be banned. NZ has to do better. We're wasting time and money on tests that won't advance medicine in any way and we seem to have lost all of our empathy along the way. Please take this seriously. I feel like there's not much we can change right now, but this is something we all actually have the power to influence. It's crucial for us to speak out when we see cruelty like this and make sure nothing this terrible ever happens again,” Lena (Christchurch)


  1. “This forced swim text is barbaric and unacceptable. Rats are living creatures and should not be subject to such torture. I suffer from depression but would hate to think tests of this type are carried out in this cause,” Jill Leonarx (Auckland)


  1. “This test is redundant. It's  heartbreaking and appalling and should be banned,” Lindsay (Wellington)


  1. "Why would this practice be ok? For any animal? How many people become depressed from swimming continuously without the hope of being able to stop? How close are rats' brains and their chemistry to those of humans? Why is it ok to continuously expose an animal to high stress levels? Repeatedly? Over a long period of time?” Helen (Gore)


  1. “I find it extremely difficult to understand how any living breathing human being could watch a living breathing animal going through this torture. I believe all living creatures have feelings and to know that this torture is still going on is more than enough to make me depressed and hopeless. No need for tests on animals to prove that!” JGP (Wellington)


  1. “I would like to see a law to make it illegal to use the Forced Swim Test. This is a cruel way to treat rats and mice and I wouldn’t approve of it even if it had any validity. We need to stop using animals as commodities to be exploited and start treating them with the understanding and compassion they deserve as living beings,” Michelle Perkins (Auckland)


  1. “Imagine your infant child was thrown into a pool and unable to swim. That is how I feel,” Jess (Geelong)


  1. “From a psychological research point of view regarding human depression, this is not a valid form of testing.  It is a cruel, unnecessary and historically insignificant in today's modern world where there are far more accurate and comprehensive testing methodologies available,” Caro Stanners (Auckland)


  1. “I don't believe that anything good can come from harm and these tests are torturing animals. There are many ways already in which depression can be alleviated eg change of environment and diet. It has already been proven that humans do not react in the same way as mice to medication,” Suzanne Beer (Auckland)


  1. “All forms of Animal torture, cruelty & inhumane killing is very unacceptable... Legal or Not. It is criminal,” PT (Sydney)


  1. “Please take serious note of this petition - No experiment can ever justify the cruelty to any animals - try to imagine the sheer terror these animals experience & don't allow this to be continued in any form,” Lee Spence (Auckland)


  1. “I am shocked at the total disregard for the suffering of others shown by those carrying out this test. In any case, I fail to see how it can be of any benefit at all in helping people with depression,” anonymous (Auckland)


  1. “I’d like to quote Joshua Gordon, director of NIMH; “While no single animal test can capture the full complexity of a human disorder, these tests in particular are recognized by many scientists as lacking sufficient mechanistic specificity to be of general use in clarifying the neurobiological mechanisms underlying human depression,” Michelle (Timaru)


  1. “Please STOP this cruel and unfounded test.  This IS barbaric, and proves nothing!  Who gave permission to mankind to subject animals and rodents to such cruelty??  Every time I see this, I shudder for those poor living creatures!” Joan Gwen Daye (North Sydney)


  1. “Totally unacceptable research in this day and age...cruel and should not happen! Find another way to gauge depression in humans, ridiculous to think this cruel test would be of any use,” Debbie (Gisborne)


  1. “The forced swim test is animal abuse plain and simple. How are we allowing this to happen? In this day and age surely there are alternative ways to research mental health. Seeing this kind of cruelty to animals affects my own mental health and breaks my heart,” Sarah (New Plymouth NZ)


  1. "It is shameful that the swim test is still being performed. The suffering of animals should not form the basis of any research,” MW (Auckland)


  1. “So many tests on animals are inhumane and irrelevant to humans. The forced swim test is one such example. Others have been killing a pig to test blood spatter; testing cosmetics and cleaners on animals; forcing toxic chemicals and poisoned down animals throats; pushing an animal (a hedgehog. Yes I saw this being done)underwater to see how long it takes to drown;performing unnecessary surgeries without anaesthetics and aftercare - so many examples of cruelty. There are viable alternatives to experimenting on animals, and in this day and age animal experimentation must end,” Mellierae (Christchurch)


  1. “Please listen to public opinion and make the right decision to ban the use of the Forced Swim Test in NZ.  It is horrible, inhumane, and unconscionable,” Martha Powell (Alabaster)


  1. "The Forced Swim Test tells much about the ethics of the researcher and the institution which they represent. It has never contributed one jot to our knowledge of brain biochemistry. That is evidenced by the fact that depression still has no cure,” Dennis (Levin)


  1. “The Forced Swim Test and other similar, unnecessary tests on animals should be banned. It is cruel and unrelated to the complexities of depression in humans. Whose idea was it to make this comparison? Why must small animals suffer to try to understand our helplessness? For those of us who care about humans and animals, it makes us depressed to think that animals would be carelessly used in this way,” Christine (Auckland)


  1. “The knowledge of the cruel experiments on animals In laboratories is more than enough reason to cause depression in caring human beings, so the older I get the more I find out about what’s going on the more depressed I become and I am sure is has the same effect on other normal caring people,” Patricia Stanford(Tauranga)


  1. "Kiwi ingenuity apparently does not exist in our educated university researchers of some of NZ’s universities. The National Institute of Mental health discourages the use of this test yet here in NZ we carry on the outdated tradition. This is putting NZ research behind. The complexity of the disorder can not be accounted for in this test and has been said to lack sufficient mechanistic speciality to use to understand the mechanisms of human depression. As a country thought to use ingenuity and resourcefulness we are clinging to cruel and unnecessary research methods that show how a developed country can become lazy and behind the times in our development of actually usable and helpful research. Rodents are highly intelligent, social and curious animals, that show pro-social behaviours and fear. They can learn to play hide and seek with their researchers for fun. This is letting down every subject involved in this dated experiment and putting behind research that could be used to study species-specific methods of helping the complex condition. By using the forced swim test we are undermining those suffering from the diverse and complex disorder that is depression. NZ should aim to lead the way with our ingenuity and innovate new methods of higher welfare standards, not live in the dark ages, repeating outdated methods not backed by current literature and lazily achieving little to help understand the actual mechanisms of human depression. It is lazy science and an embarrassment to our ‘animal loving’ and high suicidal rates country. This is letting down both people and animals and stopping us from developing more accurate testing methods to help the condition. Have some integrity Otago and Victoria University, the world is watching,” anonymous


  1. "I want to be proud of my country. I feel ashamed of this “research” in New Zealand," Karen Baas (Kaiapoi)


  1. “I was shocked and disgusted to learn that two New Zealand Universities had conducted this archaic experiment. It's an abomination that in 2019 researchers still believe The Forced Swim Test to be an acceptable method of experimentation. The Forced Swim test needs to be banned, there's really no question about it,” Georgia (Christchurch)


  1. “Mice have feelings too. It is very cruel to torture them this way. And for what? Pls stop this cruelty?” Jennifer Mackie (Dbn Hgts)


  1. “Humanity extends to all living creatures, if you wouldn't do this to a person what right do you have to subject an innocent animal to such an act of cruelty,” anonymous (Tauranga)


  1. “In this day and age, it is incomprehensible to me that such a barbaric and useless test be conducted on animals. It is impossible to believe that there is any connection in experiments done on defenceless animals and curing various human ailments - pointless and appalling!” SR (Katikati)


  1. "I am a 38 year old woman with an unusual form of T1 diabetes (called M.O.D.Y, type 2). When I found out that rats had been used in vivisection for thirty years in the hopes of learning more about the pancreatic system I was crushed. I felt personally responsible for their suffering because it was supposed to be in the name of helping people like me. I was absolutely horrified to learn that the outcome of those thirty years of trials and countless little lives tortured and lost was the discovery that rats aren't similar to humans so nothing of use was garnered. Devastating. I beg of you, please give up torturing innocent beings and work harder, work smarter, use BETTER science! Almost drowning little helpless lives is abhorrent and if you were to ask the people you are supposedly doing this for I guarantee you the majority of us would demand you stop!" Jessica Strathdee (Canterbury)


  1. “Practicing tortures on the helpless who depend on our mercy is a very clear wrong. Caring appropriately for the animals we interact with is a basic concept of humanity,” Angela Fox (Ohura)


  1. “The forced swim test is inhumane. You wouldn't do it to a human, so don't do it to an animal. How can it "mimic" human depression or hopelessness? Animals have instinct, humans have imagination as well as instinct. The fearful imagination can make bad worse, the hopeful imagination can make it better. Work to alleviate people's fears, instead of brutalising animals!” Maragret Blay (Auckland)


  1. “The swim test is absolutely unnecessary and sheer cruelty. I am surprised that you still wish to carry on with such a cruel and inhumane procedure in this day and age. When will common sense prevail I wonder!” Carol Houghton (Nelson)


  1. Stupid unnecessary test. All it is cruel. Thought a University would have enough intelligence to work this out,” anonymous


  1. “Totally unacceptable cruelty in this day and age and in this country,” R cotter (Coromandel)


  1. “Please, stop researchers from using cruel and invalid tests now or in the future,” Pierfrancesco Moscuzza (Seoul)


  1. “It’s incredibly cruel and unethical to subject these unfortunate mice to a forced swim test.  Absolutely disgusting this day and age.  Truly horrified that such abuse of animals continues,” Susan (Chirnside Park)


  1. “Forcing rats and mice to swim until they give up is no way to measure hopelessness or depression in humans. The forced swim test is cruel and unnecessary,” Teesha, BA, MA and PhD in Psychology (Christchurch)


  1. “This is awful. The test is terrible, and doesn't seem beneficial by any means. It needs to be ended and stopped,” MelDur (Wellington)


  1. “The forced swim test is absolutely barbaric. I am in utter disbelief that it still takes place as it goes against everything that is moral. I feel like we have gone back in time! I cannot understand how the results of such an experiment could shed light on a human condition in any useful way. This despicable practice must stop IMMEDIATELY,” Ashleigh (Auckland)


  1. “The Forced Swim Test for animals needs to urgently be abolished, as this inhumane and cruel. I was extremely upset to find out this happening,” P Cunningham (Auckland)


  1. “As many Philosophers of Ethics know "The end does not justify the means". This certainly applies to the Forced Swim Test so please ban it now!” Suzie Rogers (Auckland)


  1. “I signed the petition to ban the Forced Swim Test.   I cannot understand how supposedly educated people can continue to use this Test when there seems to be absolutely NO evidence of it having any relevance to conditions suffered by human beings.   My question then is "Why continue to conduct these Tests?"   Please, please stop them!   As a caring person, I feel so sad and unhappy when I just think of what the poor laboratory animals are forced to undergo.   I am close to tears just typing this in the hope that someone will finally put a stop to these Tests.   Has any researcher ever considered how healthy folk could sink into depression thinking over what these animals are forced to experience?” H Hay (Dunedin)


  1. “The Forced Swim Test is incredibly cruel, invalid and a complete waste of time. Please help end this unnecessary suffering for defenceless animals. Animals are not ours to mistreat in this way. Thanks,” Gazelle (Auckland)


  1. “I had no idea that such a cruel test was still permitted in New Zealand. I cannot see what purpose it serves beyond pushing a small animal to extremes of exhaustion. Please ban the test immediately,” Margaret (Napier)


  1. “I am appalled that this cruelty goes on in NZ in the name of science. I would be very interested to know how it could possibly help students to know how long it takes mice to drown. I am sure that if all the general public were aware of this abhorrent test, they would be am I,” anonymous (Auckland)


  1. "I am MOST disappointed, that in NZ, where we are regarded as clean and green, that we ignore, allow and consent to such inhumanities, as forced swim tests, AND so many many other things, like intense factory farming of pigs and  birds, and Live Animal Export (to name just a few!) I find these things MOST UPSETTING, and it's plain WRONG-DOING to not only engage in such practices, but to ALLOW them to go on. Humans may be important, but they are not the only living things that are important on this planet!” Barbara Knill (Far North District)


  1. “I am deeply troubled that New Zealand is allowing a test such as the Forced Swim test to occur.  I have no idea how to explain such cruelty to my young daughters, our future generation. Please, as a Nation, be proud that we do not let such horrors occur on our shores,” CT (Auckland)


  1. “Who knew 2 billion animals are used for experiments every year, many of which suffer and are treated cruelly! That’s why I made a pledge to be kind,” Martine (Newport)


  1. “This awful animal test needs to be banned,” Sara B (Christchurch)


  1. “As a psychology student at Victoria University in the 1960's, I felt really upset and disgusted at having to replicate already well-documented research in the learning of rats, which included food and water deprivation. After these experiments, we had the opportunity of taking home our white rat. For most people that was not a viable option, particularly as they needed a heated laboratory-type environment to survive. The alternative was for them to be euthanased and I felt unhappy and depressed that my poor rat had been made use of and then discarded. Over 50 years later, I still shed tears over it from time to time, including as I write this. There is no place in so-called civilised society for pointless replication of experiments which cause suffering to sentient beings, the more so when the results of such experiments are already well-documented. The suffering of my white rat was totally at variance with my moral compass, to the extent that I gave her a drink when I wasn't supposed to. I can't recall if we had to use the Forced Swim Test as well, but all such experiments are an example of the cruel and pointless exploitation of our fellow creatures on this planet,” Glynis Jennings (Auckland)


  1. “This hideous test should be consigned to the past, it has no relevance or benefit to science and well-being. Studies have shown that computer modelling is more efficient, cost-effective and not horrifically cruel,” Debra (Palmerston North)


  1. “Please stop forced swim tests.  It’s inhumane,” Darla (Lehighton)


  1. "The Forced Swim Test is not a valid way to measure if an antidepressant works because the behaviour of the animal in the Forced Swim Test represents a survival strategy rather than a state of ‘depression’. Alternative & more reliable methods of experimentation include computer modelling of human systems and drug re-purposing programmes, functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), diffusion tensor imaging and examining brain tissue from deceased human donors to identify genes involved in depression and other psychiatric illnesses,” C Samarakoon (Brisbane)


  1. “In the 21stcentury there is no room or justification for such barbarity,” JB, (Wellington)


  1. "Hello members from Dunedin, In the interest of a humane society I would ask that you would all consider voting against the cruel "Forced swim test" forced upon mice. Perhaps each one of you has an animal at home.  A dog, a cat, or even a pet mouse.  I'm sure that it would never come into your minds to dunk your pet in a barrel of water and see if it sinks or swims.  I have high regard for scientists and their work, but a test like this is just deeply cruel, and very unprofessional.  What gain is it to science!!  Regards to all kind scientists,” Adele Camplin (Dunedin)


  1. “Living in the 21st century, it is time to ban archaic and utterly inhumane practices. The prolonged suffering of the animals in question is not a reflection on them, but rather on us as humans. Regardless of the cruelty, this test is not scientifically useful. It has been tested countless times around the world and it should not continue. Animals are sentient beings, like humans, and do not deserve this. We are better than this cruelty, but this test reflects otherwise,” RB (Wellington)


  1. “Pointless and unacceptable experiment needs to be banned!” Irene (Adelaide)


  1. “The forced swim test is cruel and inhumane, I don't want to grow up in a country that supports torturing animals for inaccurate results,” Lillian (Wellington)


  1. “Animals experience fear. Let the testers doing this imagine their fear if they were marooned at sea and tiring, knowing that drowning was a minute or two away. It is unbelievably cruel. I don't care what benefits the testers think they may gain from this awful practice,” Jim Sharp (Welington)


  1. “I fully support a ban on the Forced Swim Test.  There are many reasons to do so but the scientific and moral reasons for me really stand out.  I have learned about this horrible test and that scientifically, the test results aren't reliable, aren't useful and aren't suited for the purposes of the tests.  There are other alternatives which are better.  Morally, subjecting mice to these tests is soul shredding.  For both the mice and people like me who learn about it.  The test is pure torture.  Treading water until exhaustion overwhelms is not something I'd want to do.  I hope that this test will be banned very soon,” P Mok (Auckland)


  1. “Sir/madam, Surely we are in an age now where we should be able to lead science research with compassion. We should put an end to cruel torturous testing of animals in the name of supposed science especially in cases where there is no obvious outcome of benefit to science. How is it possible to compare the mental state of a rat or mouse being pointlessly tortured in water with a human being suffering from depression??? What is the clear outcome of this test? And having done this test now for however long have the results demonstrated any change? If not (ie. The mice struggle in terror then drown) then why on earth are we continuing with this meaningless study?  Please reconsider the purpose of these meaningless cruel animal studies and direct funding to ones that have obvious benefit directly related to humans who are the purpose of the study. Additionally, anyone working with animals knows that animals including rodents have awareness, feel fear, love and care for their young making this type of animal test particularly cruel. Thank you,” Monique (Lower Hutt)


  1. “This torture of innocent mice is evil cruelty of the worst kind.  Only sadistic perverts could do this. Must be STOPPED immediately!” Pat (Polson)


  1. “I don’t believe one needs to have qualifications if any kind to point out that the forced swimming practice is shamefully cruel and is nothing less than animal torture.  How dare this experiment continue. It’s a complete disgrace of human kind,” Miriam (Croydon)


  1. “This is a dreadful thing to subject an animal to. I don't believe there is anything you could take from this test that would be in the slightest bit relevant to humans. Put a stop to this cruel test,” Kay (Christchurch)


  1. “I am appalled this practice occurs in our so-called caring New Zealand. If I was suffering depression, knowing that this practice was happening in my name would add immeasurably to my anguish. Please stop this,” Steve Moss (Tauranga)


  1. “We are a civilised country and must not allow this to be acceptable,” Natasha    (Hamilton)


  1. "I am a GP and treat a wide variety of patients. Sanctioning cruel acts for the supposed benefit of human needs does not serve us well and is damaging to our psyche. Caring for animals makes us more caring as humans,” anonymous (Wellington)


  1. “This is a cruel practice - there are other ways to do research that don't force innocent animals to suffer!” Casey (Auckland)


  1. “I share the opinion that the forced swim test is cruel, further unnecessary, because it is highly doubtful that you can gain any insight from a mouse's behaviour to the ones of humans. Their brains are not the same. Furthermore, it has been shown that the response of the mice greatly depends on learnt behaviour and adaptive skills, making the test further invalid. Animals are tortured for no benefit, which is rather outraging and leaves me to question the state of mind of every person who takes part in this,” Gina (Levin)


  1. “There is so much "going on" re cruelty to creatures on this earth to cause intense feelings of helplessness for all of us who are forced to endure such emotional pain for these unfortunate species,” Adrienne Powell (Waikawa Beach, Horowhenua)


  1. “No living animal or being, should be subjected to cruel & inhumane Tests, much-less when they don't prove anything.  These little animals have feelings, just like us!  Humans are (supposed to be) more intelligent/Superior to animals & subjects below us...and we treat them this way?   Death will come to us all, but forcing animals to suffer, live in terror, and be subjected to stupidity such as this is the ultimate show of stupidity, cruelty, & having lost all feeling for these that were created to live in harmony with us.  Stop this waste of lives and money,” anonymous (Hesperia)


  1. “The Forced Swim Test is cruel and unnecessary. There can be no justification for this kind of treatment of animals. It needs to be banned immediately,” Jessica Ritchie (Christchurch)


  1. “Using animals as living tools in laboratories for experiments to try and mimic human physiology is quite illogical. Sheep can eat arsenic for example, and not die, penicillin kills a certain species of rodent but not another; how can all these various species of beings, who have entirely different physiological makeup produce possibly reliable results from experiments? There are ethical alternatives to vivisection that need to be used and resourced. The pain, suffering and terror that God's precious creatures are subjected to in such unnatural environments begs belief. Who are we to think we can torture living beings and for what? Unreliable results that time and again prove nothing? It's time we took ethical and social responsibility in scientific research by developing the alternative options and utilising them immediately so that no more creatures are tormented terrorised and killed in such archaic unnecessary experiments. Thank you,” K Hinder (Wellington)


  1. “All life deserves, dignity, respect and compassion. All life. We are a farming family and we would never, ever treat animals like this. I think that the forced swim test is sadistic. It is the torture of an animal. If you wouldn't force a human being to do this, then what on earth makes it okay to do it to any other living creature? The forced swim test must be banned - stat. How can this cruelty be acceptable in a nation that has officially recognized animals as sentient beings?” Tanya Lyders (Dunedin)


  1. “This is horribly unethical and inhumane testing of any animal - no matter the good intention for science! It is a one-way door and it is death.  This tiny rodent deserves life, not torture.  Please end this terrorism and abuse.  Thank you,” Sallie Robbins-Druian (Palm Springs)


  1. "I was born by a river and went swimming every summer day for ages. Once, when I was about ten, I found myself surrounded by fast water, adrift or something, sucking me to the river bottom- which was 3 metres deep. I remember thinking in fear "God, save me". Tha down swirl seemed never ending. I lived the most traumatic experience ever: The same one that animals are forced to go thru. Please stop the near drowning tests that are just torture. Scientific data should never be based on torture,” Niña Nadadora (Rosario)


  1. "It is about time the human race stopped treating animals in such a cruel manner. Animals are a life and they have feelings and feel pain just like you and me. To do this cruel treatment is the same as planning a murder. Please listen to this and change your mode of treatment. Thank you,” Dianne Sinclair (Christchurch)


  1. “Mistreatment and torture of other animals reflects the fact that we humans are stronger and/or more clever than other animals, and potentially and historically, we are able to do whatever we like to them. Human experimentation and creativity seems to have no limits. Mistreatment and torture includes very small animals and those that we consider to be pests. Various countries, including our own, have outlawed and/or are currently considering outlawing various forms of animal abuse and this swim test should be one of them,” Audrey van Ryn (Auckland)


  1. “Please do the right thing. Please stop the cruel and inhumane abuse of innocent souls. This is not who we are,” anonymous (Invercargill)


  1. "Mahatma Gandhi summed it up best when he said ""the greatness of a Nation can be judged by the way its animal are treated.”NO animal should ever be treated this way,” Fiona (Whangarei)


  1. “How this test was ever sanctioned is beyond belief, but to suggest that the results could be generalised to a depressed/hopeless human population (or even rodent population) is completely questionable, not to mention a barbaric process,” WLR (Wellington)


  1. “This huge problem that needs to be not only addressed but this force swim test needs to be PERMANENTLY STOPPED,” Kim Brower (Asheboro)


  1. “The 'Forced Swim Test' is one of the most cruel unnecessary ridiculous 'tests' out there!  PLEASE CEASE this abhorrent animal abuse immediately!” Val Wolf (Irvine)


  1. “The Swim Test... what purpose is this supposed to prove?  Would we do this to our own pets at home?  Our own kids?  Imagine for just one second, watching your child swim for their lives only to drown, all for what?” Lili (Wellington)



  1. "This forced swim test- forced on ANY LIVING BREATHING BEING,  is totally and entirely EVIL, CRUEL, SICK and INHUMANE! The is NO Justification for any torture or suffering on ANY being, man or mammal,” CEL (Bayonne)


  1. “I fully support the ban of the cruel forced swim test. It is completely unethical and immoral to continue this kind of testing on innocent animals who do not deserve to be treated this way. Please ban it immediately,” Mandy (Auckland)


  1. “Just try to imagine you in a pool with very high sides that you can't climb out of. You would be terrified. This is very inhumane,” Angeline Sieb (Merrillville)


  1. “I find this forced swim test disgusting, disgraceful, and complete unnecessary cruelty.  We are not rats or mice - stop wasting time, and money on such cruel tests.  I have a belief that great things will come when we stop testing on animals and use other methods to test,” Kellm (Upper Hutt)


  1. “Stop this cruel and useless experiment,” Tony Robson (Waipawa)


  1. “The forced swim test is behind the times, it is cruel and NZ should not be partaking in this terrible test that does not relate to humans one bit,” Danielle (Wellington)


  1. “The idea that a small animal’s behaviour in a forced swim test could mimic the complexity of human depression is reductive and misguided. I would be dismayed if this cruel practice is being used in New Zealand in the name of research,” Nicola Gavey (Auckland)


  1. “This form of testing is extremely inhumane and needs to be stopped immediately. Animals should never be sacrificed and have to suffer, especially for the sake of experiments,” Jamie (Dunedin)


  1. “I have seen or heard no evidence that this 'so-called' swim test provides any valuable results. I, therefore, feel all these tests should be ended,” Julie Windsor (Bristol)


  1. “I am horrified that we do such a thing as this test. It is cruel and unjustifiable and belongs in the dark ages. As a society, we are judged by how we treat the most defenceless amongst us. I implore you to stop this sadistic experiment now,” Mary Southerwood (Dunedin)


  1. “Our actions and treatment of the defenceless, innocent and voiceless speaks volumes of us as a society. We must act to protect these vulnerable creatures as we would anyone else in our society, and natural world. Cruelty has no place in civilized society,” Heather (Auckland)


  1. “I believe this swim test is incredibly cruel and inhumane. The fact that our country, which many believe to be progressive, is still using this animal torture as a means of education is truly disgraceful and disheartening. I have not yet finished school, but I intend to study psychology when I go to University, but if this is the type of methods they use to teach you then I might have to re-evaluate my choices. just because mice are small and can not speak does not mean they can not feel emotions such as fear and pain, and forcing them to swim in a small cylinder of water until they give up form exhaustion is blatant exploitation and does not set a good example for students on how to treat animals. It is incredibly upsetting and needs to be stopped,” Maia Nicholls (Akaroa)


  1. “Stop this unnecessary cruelty,” Jenny (Auckland)


  1. “Barbaric pointless and bloody cruel thing to do, it has to stop!!” Kathryn (Levin)


  1. “Can you possibly understand the terror of swimming, going under, swimming and trying to save yourself?  No?  I have almost drowned myself and can tell you, it is nearly 40 years later and I still remember it as if it was yesterday.  There is no valuable knowledge gained from this terrible experiment.  What can be gained from continuing something that has been repeated over and over again?  This test must stop as it is simply torture and plain cruelty,” Lynda (Papakura)


  1. “I am in support of this test being banned. I think it is cruel and heartbreaking. I also have personal experience of mental health issues including depression, and am horrified that a test like this is being used in psychological research. I don't think the results of this test are at all applicable to the human experience of depression and hopelessness,” Linda (Wellington)


  1. “I implore you to please stop torturing animals by forcing them to swim till they just give up. If you look into your heart you will find all the reasons why you should do so,” Maria    (Kaiwaka)


  1. “Rats are kind, intelligent creatures.  Forcing them to undertake this test is cruel and inhuman,” Annette Reynolds (Leyland)


  1. “This is torture and completely unnecessary. This must stop immediately. It is an insult to the field that this suffering continues and it saddens me, that you even need to be asked, to stop,” Abby (Auckland)


  1. "Assuming you can compare depression symptoms between animals and humans is not much more than wet-finger work. You have no idea how a mouse feels and you cannot know why a mouse stops swimming. Maybe he’s too smart and just knows he won’t get out! Just like we would. I am appalled by humans torturing any animals ‘for the good of human mankind’ Nobody should suffer for reasons that have nothing to do with them. And to be honest, people doing stuff like this, I find deeply upsetting and depressing. I will feel a lot better knowing people stop being arrogant and cruel,” Irene (Lower Moutere)


  1. Please ban this cruel and pointless test. I can't believe the students feel at all comfortable with being so horrible to a poor little animal. Universities are places of learning and have a responsibility to teach ethically. Why is this outdated test being used? So many people are now against the University which should trouble the administration who work to make the establishment profitable. If I had the choice of universities, as many do, I would not choose this university directly because of these tests. Please do the right thing and use the considerable brain power you have in-house to devise another way to test depression in humans. So far you have only increased it. Please do the right thing,” Louise Bell (Auckland)


  1. “This is insanely cruel and absolutely pointless,” Robin Kleevens (Arles)


  1. “This is a cruel and pointless experiment with limited validity as water temperature and other factors can affect the results, and rodents may stop swimming not because they’ve run out of motivation, but because they learn they’ll be lifted out of the tank if they sink. The differences between species are key- mice given the drugs show measurable changes in behaviour during swim tests beginning one day after treatment, whereas in people SSRIs often take weeks or months to reduce symptoms of depression. This is an outdated experiment, seen as an easy and cost-effective test and pathway to publishing, regardless of its actual translational relevance to people with mental health conditions. Non-animal alternatives should be used instead of this outdated experiment,” Rachel Smith (Melbourne, Australia)


  1. “Stop that treatment now. theses creatures are still sentient beings who deserve our respect and protection,” Lesley Dufty (Auckland)


  1. "Animals are sentient beings, just like humans. All they wish to do is live their lives in peace, and it is their right to do so. NO animal deserves to be tested on or abused in any other way. I’ve read that the purpose of the forced swim test is to mimic and learn more about human depression, and as someone who has experienced depression and therefore understands it, I can absolutely guarantee that the test has no relevance. Even if it did teach or benefit humans, it’s abuse, it’s unacceptable, it’s completely disrespectful, selfish, cruel, it violates their rights as beings, and it’s wrong. No animal deserves to be tested on, with or without pain relief. It’s wrong. ALL animals deserve love, care, respect, appreciation, happiness, and freedom. Animals are equal to people, and it’s time that New Zealand’s laws, rules, and policies reflect that. Currently, New Zealand laws do not protect animals, and I won’t accept or tolerate that,” Patricia Adamkova (Rotorua)


  1. “No need to use animals this way. Humans need to get smarter with there tests,” Melodie Mudge (Tauranga)


  1. “This barbaric abuse of animals for no valid reason needs to be stopped IMMEDIATELY,” RF (Auckland)


  1. “Ban the forced swimming test for all animals.  This is unnecessary and cruel in the extreme,” Beth Reille (Lower Hutt)


  1. “There is absolutely no correlation between forcing rodents to swim in hopelessness to what I experienced as a human battling depression. I now feel hopeless and depressed learning about this cruel method and no matter how many rodents you put through this test will make me feel better,” Svetlana (Sydney)


  1. “Please stop this barbaric practice. I can’t believe in this day and age, this is allowed,” Sarah McPhee (Wellington)


  1. “Stop the torture and killing!” P Nunez (Summerfield)


  1. “Cruel, stop it!” Carol (Waikato)


  1. "I cannot think of anything so horrific as to find yourself in the ocean, surrounded by water having to swim for your life with no hope, no rocks, no beach and nobody with you and a glass wall which you cannot climb up. I personally think that is the cruellest thing I have ever heard,” Sandra Johnston (Christchurch)


  1. “There is no need in today's world for animal cruelty. It's time for these tests to stop,” Katrina Mentis (Chisholm)


  1. “The "Forced Swim Test" is an outdated, cruel, and dangerous practice that has absolutely no place in Aotearoa New Zealand. We have so much research that shows that other humane forms of research that do not involve non-human animal subjects are far more effective at actually teaching us about how human beings respond to our environment and mental health challenges. Please ban this cruel practice effective immediately,” Madeleine Lifsey (Bucklands Beach)


  1. “These forced swim tests have been proven to be irrelevant. The human brain is so much more complex and behaves in a different way. These tests are pointless and cruel. There are many other ways to study human behaviour around depression and other mental disorders. In this modern age, it is appalling that these outdated, barbaric tests are still being used. Come on New Zealand we are better than this. I would expect this from third world countries.,” Michelle (Timaru)


  1. “This cruel practice is unnecessary and barbaric. I believe all animals have the right to be treated compassionately no matter their size. I ask you to ban the forced swim test,” Carolyn (Melbourne)


  1. “Shame on you! This is an appallingly cruel test on little innocent defenceless creatures and must be outlawed,” Elizabeth Attard (Melbourne)


  1. “It is unethical to subject animals to these barbaric tests.  Animal testing does not apply to humans with any acceptable degree of accuracy. Please stop!” Debra Curci (Toms River)


  1. “This "test" has unsubstantiated value. It is quite clearly cruel and should be stopped. Given the unquestionable relationship between cruelty toward animals and aggression toward humans commonly referred to as "The Link", what such an experiment will promote is the development of callousness and will lower levels of compassion and empathy,” Eleonora Gullone (Windsor)


  1. "I am so sorry for these innocent little animals.  I am sorry for all innocent animals that suffer and die because of humans. Please stop this horrible practice,” Glenda J Beatty (Swartz Creek)


  1. “These horrid swim tests are accomplishing NOTHING BUT SHAME! These small animals have the SAME feelings of Pain and Anxiety as ANY LIVING BEING. Yet very sadly, they are being treated as machines with No Sensitivity or Humanity!!! I Respectfully ask that these tests be BANNED, PLEASE PUT AN END TO THEM ALL and NOW!” Laurie Hein (Ocala)


  1. "The forced swim test is an atrocity which must end immediately. The research is unnecessary & completely outrageous. There is no justification ever to subject terrified helpless living beings to such abuse. This is quite simply torture & indefensible. Not only is it utterly harrowing for these little creatures but also traumatising for all the decent humans who have witnessed it & none of us will ever use or recommend any related product. Please understand that all life is precious & both human & non-human animals suffer. This must end NOW,” Jemma Meecham (Southport)


  1. “I believe that it is cruel and inhumane to impose this type of animal testing when there are other options that can be pursued,” Rebecca Tucker (Vancouver)


  1. “Frightening an animal and making it suffer for no good purpose whatsoever degrades us as human beings,” Elisabeth Nairn (Auckland)


  1. "Ban horrendously cruel swim test!! & ALL legalized Animal torture! Unacceptable & completely unnecessary,” anonymous (Campbelltown)


  1. “Was absolutely shocked to hear of this cruel practice which should be stopped immediately,” Ray Mainwaring (Rangiora)


  1. “It's just plain cruel.  It disturbs me. Makes me sad and then angry. It's just WRONG,” Elizabeth Duggan (West footscray)


  1. “There is absolutely nothing about forced swimming that will help the human race,” Jill (Rangoria)


  1. “As a past student of Victoria University, I am upset to think that such a place of learning that is supposed to inspire thinking can be engaged in the unthinkable,” Sarah Turner (Lower Hutt)


  1. “Forced swim tests are abusive, whether they are administered to mice or human children,” TAS (Raleigh)


  1. “Stop the forced swim test,” Fenella Probert (Peria, Kaitaia)


  1. “Ban the use of the Forced Swim Test in NZ,” Debi Griepsma (Fontana)


  1. “This needs to end. NZ is better than this. Please stop,” Tania  Kay (Auckland)


  1. “It's horrific and there's no need for it. Just stop it now,” Grace Bell (Mablethorpe)


  1. “I do hope you truly consider this petition, I hope you move to ban the forced swim test in New Zealand. This is your opportunity to ban an outdated and cruel practice and set a strong example (as NZ does in many other areas) for progressive not outdated animal welfare practices. Many people use their vote to support the voiceless, and will support you if this outdated and cruel practice is banned. Thank you for your time. I look forward to celebrating this humane and historic decision,” Caroline P (Perth)


  1. “I am so disappointed that we even need to fight to prove how wrong this is. NZ use to be at the forefront of doing the right thing, it feels like we are really slipping behind. We as a country should not stand for let alone take part in situations that cause suffering to any living creature. Please help fix these wrongs,” Nicky Muir (Wellington)


  1. “Against all animal tests or experiments on any living things !! Horrible cruel and also inhumane!” Andrew David Merricks (Liverpool)


  1. “The forced swim test is unnecessarily cruel and doesn't help to improve human health. It is time to stop making animals suffer in these outdated tests and move on to more modern and effective research techniques,” Roz (Auckland)


  1. "This test is no longer required as there is plenty of historical evidence to support what happens when this test is performed. Their is no need to continue cruelly watching animals die to keep getting the same results. It appals me that in this day and age of advancement we continue with barbaric and cruel experiments for absolutely no good reason but to justify what we already know from the abundance of results from this test we have already,” Kristin (Wellington)


  1. “For humane reasons, I object to this test. All you have to do is put yourself in their place, to know whether it is right or wrong,” Judith Spielmacher (Appleton)


  1. “Please have some empathy to the animals of the world and stop this cruel and irrelevant practice straight away,” Kirsty Whittaker (Raureka)


  1. “This should not happen. It is inhumane,” Jaime (Wellington)


  1. “The forced swim test is not only cruel but it has no relevance to human depression - there is no single sign or symptom of human depression modelled in the test. In order to find real, effective treatments for human depression, addiction or any other human condition, human-relevant research methods should be used. There is so much suffering on this planet. Let's not add to it,” Kat McAra (Christchurch)


  1. "I find it quite unbelievable that this test continues to be used given its extreme cruelty. This level of cruelty is barbaric and the humans inflicting it on these creatures must feel shame at what they are doing, especially as the results have been proven to not really be valid. Rats may be considered vermin by the general population but they are intelligent creatures with only one life, and their life is as important to them as ours are to us,” Pip (Auckland)


  1. “Please stop this cruel test, no living creature should be subjected to such stress and complete cruelty. Imagine yourselves struggling to keep your head above water to stop drowning. Poor poor little things,” Tracey Winiata (Dunedin)


  1. “Forced swim test is cruel yet useless. There are alternatives. We need regulations banning labs torture animals while there are available alternatives,” Marina (Boston)


  1. “This research is animal abuse.  Study people because they will provide the answers.  Drowning animals only exhibit extreme fear.  They are certainly not depressed nor hopeless.  I almost drowned twice and the emotion I felt was fear.  I did not feel depressed or hopelessness.  I fought for my life.  That is what these poor animals are doing.  Ridiculous experiments. I spent 7 years in medical research.  Most of the projects I worked on were worthless.  It was a way of getting grant money.  Many animals died for nothing and many died in extreme pain.  I also spend 4 years on an Animal Care and Use Committee covering research projects.  I stopped one project because it had no merit.  It was merely repetitious.,” Dr Peggy W Larson (Williston)


  1. “The Forced Swim Test is cruel and unnecessary. It needs to be stopped permanently,” MP (North Bergen)


  1. “STOP the forced swim testing.  It’s inhumane!!!” Darla (Lehighton)


  1. “Let's evolve in our society and make a change,” Rachel Ryburn (Raglan)


  1. "It is unfathomable that any animal is subjected to these cruel and heartless tests. Even worse is the fact that any data obtained from this procedure will not be relevant to human conditions. Both unethical and unscientific. This abhorrent practice must end now!" Helen Marston (Heathmont)


  1. “This 'Forced Swim Test' is absurd, cruel and pointless.  Please put yourselves in these animals' situation for a moment, and feel the panic and terror they are subjected to.  PLEASE stop these barbaric 'tests'.  Thank You,” Val Wolf (Irvine)


  1. “The forced swimming test is unbelievable cruel and doesn’t belong in this day and age. No animal, even if considered a rodent, deserves to suffer like this,” Erin Morrison (Adelaide)


  1. “The forced swim test is cruel and barbaric. It should be stopped immediately. Such ignorant and archaic science!” Linda Fighera (New Rochelle)


  1. “I see no use for this test in terms of its benefits to understanding depression in humans. Animal testing should be outlawed as we are now fully aware of the nature of the cruelty inflicted on animals, that in effect are bred especially for a life of slavery without prospect. This is not to attribute human sentience to an animal but to acknowledge that all living beings have the right to live, socialise, procreate and die within a natural habitat relevant to each species,” S Sarsfield (Auckland)


  1. “Animal testing is outdated and unnecessary and needs to be stamped out asap. If we can explore space we also can establish alternatives to animal testing. No excuses,” Ilse-Marie Erl (Auckland)


  1. “There is NO justification for animal cruelty, torture or murder,” Miriam (Adelaide)


  1. "The Forced Swim Test should be banned as it is cruel and scientifically flawed. Not only is this test cruel but it has no relevance to human depression - there is no single sign or symptom of human depression modelled in the test. In order to find real, effective treatments for human depression, addiction or any other human condition, human-relevant research methods should be used, i.e. mathematical or computer modelling of human systems, or drug-repurposing programmes. A full review and evaluation on the validity of all animal tests used for psychological tests in NZ should also be conducted,” Erin Sleeth (Mount Eliza)


  1. “Please stop this forced swim test please,” Cheryl Travers (High springs)


  1. “Disgraceful to put animals through this,” Richelle (Chittaway Bay)


  1. “The swim test is unnecessary and barbaric. Institutionalised animal cruelty has no part in a humane society,” Jinki Cambronero (Auckland)


  1. “Please stop this ridiculous test that results in dead animals permanently!” Kim (Asheboro)


  1. “Please end this test” Jamie Ryan (Auckland)


  1. “This test is one of those examples which make you despair at how low our own species can sink in its treatment of others. I don't believe that there are not credible humane alternatives in this day and age, such as computer modelling,” Bridget Thompson (Auckland)


  1. “I am a person suffering from depression. And my idea is that: it is better to suffer depression as a human being, than to have an animal tested to see what I'm going through. Knowing the animals suffer means that I am more unhappy than before. I grew up with animals and I KNOW they have feelings, too, and the testing scientists know it too: because they are already depressing animals. Animals are worthy in their own right and can be the most wonderful companions too. This is fact. Please quit all testing on all and any animals,” Jessica Peaches (Hamilton)


  1. "This is cruel and unnecessary. It is high time somebody with common decency did something to STOP this, and all the other tests that animals have to endure for our 'benefit' at their ultimate and painful expense. PLEASE STOP THIS!” Barbara Knill (Far North District)


  1. “I totally disagree with the use of the Forced Swim Test and am amazed that it is still being used in New Zealand. There is NO justification for imposing such suffering on these animals even though the intention is to perform research regarding human depression. In fact, there is no evidence that supports a connection between these cruel experiments and helping people with depression. As a nation that prides itself on its animal welfare, I urge the Committee to ban these horrific tests as Johnson and Johnson and Roche have already done,” Sue Griffiths (Nelson)


  1. “The forced swim test is unscientific, fraudulent and cruel,” Adam Phillips (Auckland)


  1. “This test serves no purpose whatsoever its cruel and an affront to society. I am not a New Zealand citizen, I would ask you is this how you want your country to be seen abroad,” Andrew Wells (Wigan)


  1. “This procedure is torturous, an incredibly poor psychological research method and a sickening display of the human condition while exploiting animals who do not deserve this treatment!  It is an absolutely shameful display in cruelty by anyone involved in this! I have a degree in experimental psychology and several years of psychological training in human behaviour,” Jesse Gennarelli (Bergenfield)


  1. “As a New Zealand citizen I am very concerned with the rates of depression in our society, however, I am appalled that animals are subjected to this cruel test when so many better alternatives exist.  I cannot see how seeing when animals give up in this test can benefit humans at all.  Animal physiology is very different to humans and time and time again tests that are a success in animals fail in humans.  This puts human lives at risk while being a totally cruel and despicable way to treat animals.  In an advanced society surely we should make these test illegal,” Jessica Martin (Auckland)


  1. “Its frankly disgusting this test is still in use, especially after its been thoroughly debunked. This test is not applicable to humans. There is no reason to subject these feeling, breathing beings to what amounts to torture. End this practice,” Nurhia (Auckland)


  1. “Stop these useless tests for "scientists" that need the grant money to keep flowing, and are not interested in the animals or their pain and discomfort. I have a degree in Psychology, and dated a Ph.D. in Psychology who took me to the closed lab at the University of Houston many years ago,” Diana Jung (Vancouver)


  1. “This test is barbaric and should be discontinued immediately. Animals are not humans it is not relevant to human mental health,” Kelly (Christchurch)


  1. “This is cruel and inhumane to any animal This test proves nothing End this despicable testing at once,” Nancy Telese (Palm Beach)


  1. “Hello, I am writing to voice my concerns about this terribly outdated and inaccurate swim test that is performed on mice over and over. Why must it continue, the results don't relate to depression as much as fear and exhaustion. It has already be recorded hundreds of times and it doesn't change. The mouse swim test is a horrible thing to have to watch, but if it is absolutely necessary, why not just show students a film of it, there are plenty available. Please reconsider using live animals for research, it puts a such stain on our whole country when we are known for torturing animals in the name of science. Thank you for listening,” Kate (Auckland)


  1. “Rats and mice are being used in an outdated test when there are alternative ways, that are more accurate, to carry out studies. Why is New Zealand condoning this pointless cruelty?” Jenna (Auckland)


  1. “The forced swim test is cruel and unnecessary. There is no knowledge to gain from this cruel experiment besides a decision to relegate it to obsoletion. There is plenty of evidence demonstrating that in vitro and in silico models relevance of research test data is better applied to human physiology than attempting to apply data from animal vivisection to human physiology. Animal vivisection and testing is cruel and unnecessary,” Anna (New Plymouth)


  1. “New Zealand has passed some fantastic animal rights bills over the years, so it saddens me that we are still letting animals be abused in this way for science.  The government needs to push harder for the rights of all animals in this country, and not let any of them be abused in their watch,” Christine C (New Zealand)


  1. “Animal testing is cruel and inhumane and unnecessary. There are many viable non-animal alternatives that more accurately assess responses in humans.  Please ban all animal testing, especially the forced swim test, NOW,” Debra Curci (Toms River)


  1. “The Forced Swim Test is an unnecessary, cruel and barbaric practice that needs to stop,” Kristy Archer (Christchurch)


  1. “This is plain animal cruelty and must stop. The tests prove nothing and no living creature should be subjected to this,” John S (Auckland)


  1. "Forced Swim Test should be stopped immediately. This is cruel and unproductive. Other alternatives exist,” Karen Wolf (Baltimore)


  1. “Like humans, rats and mice are sentient. They feel. I do not wish any sentient creature to be forced to swim until death,” Stephen Zanetti (Nelson)


  1. “This is absolutely sickening! Unnecessary cruelty which I hope will be banned very soon!” AE (Stockholm)


  1. "This is the 21st Century, and we know so much more now about animal psychology and sentience than ever before. We know by ethically studying mice and rats' behaviours, that they are smart, resourceful, observant, and demonstrate survival tactics when faced with a dangerous scenario. The "Forced Swim" test is one of the most barbaric and archaic forms of observation testing, as there is no way to effectively or scientifically 'measure' the feelings that the mouse or rat has, just because it has stopped "swimming" (read - trying not to drown). The action of the mouse or rat does not indicate any change in state of mind. It is preposterous to say the least that this (test) is deemed as a benchmark test for observing 'depression' in the mouse or rat…” Nina Chonka (Sydney)


  1. “Using any animal or any being for providing data for human beings will never have real substance and really never has and to harm animals whilst doing this is abhorrent and appalling. Please stop,” Karen Edney (Auckland)


  1. “I can not fathom how such barbarities can still be inflicted upon anyone or anything in 2019. I am horrified and disgusted by this. It is unnecessary, cruel and very saddening,” Rachel Herriott (Auckland)


  1. “The forced swim test, where the behavioural despair of mice or rats to drowning is measured is abhorrent. The New Zealand Government banned cosmetic testing on animals because it is cruel and unnecessary. SAFE is calling on the Government to be consistent and ban all forced swim tests as these tests are equally cruel and unnecessary, ”Hans Kriek


  1. “The forced swim test is outdated, repugnant and cruel. I'm disgusted that we justify cruelty in the name of research, particularly when the data gained is known to be of little use. End the use of this test now!” Maddy (Wellington)


  1. “I honestly wonder what is the use of this so called scientific tests. Is it not just curiosity to see how far one can go. Where ends science and begins cruelty. What will be the outcome, to find something against depression? Nonsense!” Rita Selle (Landsmeer)


  1. “This is an outdated test providing no benefit to animals or people and should stop immediately,” Eli Styles (Auckland)


  1. “The swim test is archaic and cruel,” Robert O'Donnell (Ngunnawal)


  1. “Cruel and unnecessary.  Barbaric and pointless,” Sadie (Gloucester)


  1. “Stop this cruel testing,” Sonja Pusnik (Slovenska Bistrica)


  1. “This is barbaric and unnecessary,” Jackie (Auckland)


  1. “This is a cruel and unnecessary test, in this day of age, the majority of ethically minded people are against such barbaric tests.  In no way does it help but more to the point, how can anyone state that these tests are anything but vile. No animal deserves this treatment,” Leyna Casey (Warrington)


  1. “This is a disgusting and inhumane experiment which is totally unnecessary,” Liz Crawford (Lancaster)


  1. “I feel that this test is barbaric and proves absolutely nothing apart from the fact anyone carrying it out has no respect for a living creature!” Cmills (Cardiff)


  1. “This test is cruel and senseless,” PWM (Cardiff)


  1. “The Forced Swim Test is a cruel and useless Test on small animals that does not conclude or prove a thing. The use of the Forced Swim Test on small animals in order to assess depression or hopelessness in Humans is absolutely insane, as humans and animals do not function in the way. Please ban this cruel Forced Swim Test on small animals, as this Test is simply an excuse to be sadistic towards small animals and it does not prove anything in determining the coping abilities in Humans,” Robyn Dunlop (Auckland)


  1. “Animal models are unreliable. This has been proven numerous times. Time to update your methodology,” Vicki Peters (Lake Charles)


  1. “The forced swim test is cruel and does not actually help us find out any facts about psychology, it is an unnecessary experiment that should be banned!” Clare (Wellington)


  1. “The forced swim test is one piece of the abhorrent puzzle that is our treatment of animals in this world, and I am completely in favour of it being abolished; I hope by doing so, we can begin to dismantle the entire system of oppression and cruelty that we so readily engage in every day. These animals are sentient, feeling, intelligent creatures, and even if they weren't it would not be our right to determine the course of their lives for our own benefit. I would not expect another human being to suffer a life of torture and manipulation for my own means, and neither do I accept that of an animal. Please do the right thing, and liberate these animals from a life we would not wish on our fellow humans; ethically there is no difference, and I believe you know this too,” Claudia (Auckland)


  1. “As a sufferer of depression, not alleviated by learning of the revolting excuses for such experiments but in fact feeling the severity of depression increased, I know that only research with the human sufferers of this pernicious condition can possibly find some hope of treatment for it,” Diana Palmer (Malvern)


  1. “This test is barbaric and needs to be stopped. It is cruel and unnecessary. It has been heavily criticized by scientists and rightly so. Having started in the 1950's it is outdated and has no place in a civilized society,” Debbi James-Saunders (Kings Langley)


  1. “This is so outdated, cruel, pointless and unnecessary. Why on earth would this still be required? These creatures are suffering pointlessly. Please end this madness,” Sarah Markham (Auckland)


  1. “This test is cruel and unnecessary, but mostly it is fraudulent and endangers humans as well as animals with false extrapolation,” Sorcia Forgan (Invercargill)


  1. “The forced swim test is outdated and barbaric. It is also pointless. It has no place in New Zealand. Stop it immediately,” Jayne (Hamilton)


  1. “Forced Swim Tests are an absolutely despicable test to inflict on an animal. Many of us can remember childhood or even adulthood experiences whereby we have panicked in the water. The fear is absolute. Luckily most of us are able to assess the situation and get back to safety. Animals deliberately placed in a high-sided beakers have absolutely no means to escape despite their desperate attempts to save themselves. in a ridiculous attempt to mirror depression, the test forces the subject to exert all their energy until they give up and float. They are eventually 'rescued' by their abusers. This is junk science and it is cruelty. I have suffered from depression. It is not like drowning. It is a constant stream of negative thoughts this can in no way be mimicked by animals who on the whole are busy doing what they can to survive in the wild - as these rats and mice should be doing. There are plenty of depressed dogs and cats in laboratories and shelters across the country that you could pet and re-home to make them happy. Your observations of this would be far more informative, useful and compassionate than this disgusting practice. Depression is a mental - not a physical issue. Talk to people who have suffered from it and you may get somewhere. As a sometime sufferer I do not want these tests carried out in my name. Ban Forced Swim Tests now,” Michelle Hayward (Tokoroa)


  1. “I feel disgusted and saddened that we allow such terrible treatment of animals to occur here in New Zealand.  The forced swim test is cruel and unnecessary and should be banned,” Tracy R (Tauranga)


  1. “There is no excuse for putting any animal through such torturous experimentation. I have no particular liking for rats but also no tolerance for such tormenting of a living creature,” Karen Brookes (Takaka)


  1. “Perhaps I'm missing something here but I fail to see the point for such a test and how this is relevant to human beings. I do believe that it is time that other sources are looked at instead of using other species especially for what to me looks like a worthless test without relevance. This test just looks like cruelty and suffering to me,” Marty Bostic (Los Angeles)


  1. “This is cruel, no animal should be treated like this way,” Janine Sparke (Alice Springs)


  1. “The forced swim test should be banned immediately and I am appalled that anyone would perform such a thing in this day and age. Not only is it horribly cruel, it is scientifically flawed as it has absolutely no relevance to depression in humans. Good scientific research is conducted by testing hypotheses that directly address the question or problem at hand, otherwise it is not scientifically valid. Experiments that force small animals to swim and struggle until they float do not address the problem of human depression and are not scientifically valid. As a student of science and as a human being, I am deeply offended by the use of the forced swim test,” Amber (Perth)


  1. “This is an utterly useless and barbaric experiment. We need to be moving away from these archaic methods. Keep animals out of experiments,” Matt McLeod (Tottenham)


  1. “The Forced Swim Test is both cruel and pointless. After 30 documented years of testing isn't it obvious that it has no relevance to human depression? Even Big Pharma now seems to agree and many companies have done away with this test.  Please reassess your ethics, the efficacy of this test and ban it,” Patricia Callis (Auckland)


  1. “The forced swim test has no scientific basis in measuring or duplicating depression in humans. A drowning person is not equivalent to a depressed person. In addition to the lack of scientific applicability, the test is horribly cruel and inhumane. It's shameful that anyone still allows such a barbaric act to be perpetrated on the defenceless. We are well past the Middle Ages, are we not?” Venessa Sherman (Naperville)


  1. “The forced swim test is disgustingly cruel and inhumane. While nothing justifies such cruelty, the outcome of this test has no bearing when applied to human depression or hopelessness, except to further intensify them. Knowing that fellow humans are capable of such unnecessary cruelty is extremely depressing, and certainly causes feelings of utter hopelessness!” Pamela Fioretti (Adelaide)


  1. “Ridiculous and very sad. Outrageous they call this science. I thought NZ was an enlightened country, I guess I was wrong,” Rolf Bronzwaer (Dalhem)


  1. “This is a disgusting and inhumane experiment which is totally unnecessary,” Liz Crawford (Lancaster)


  1. “This is pseudoscience. Rodent neurochemistry is vastly different to human, notwithstanding the multi-causal nature of human mental illness. Even if valid conclusions could be drawn from this research, what does it add to the field of human psychology? Of course, depressed people are less resilient and will give up sooner. It doesn’t take a “scientist” to tell us this. These experiments are pathetic and do not justify the suffering involved!” Gina Robinson, Veterinarian (Upper Hutt)


  1. “Seeing animals this helpless and being used in this way distresses me and makes me feel depressed. Also angry, sad and ashamed that we exploit and inflict cruelty in this way. These small lab animals are the “forgotten lives “but not by everybody,” Tamara (Dunedin)


  1. “Testing has been done on helpless animals for years and still most of these test have come up useless, this needs to stop animals and humans are not alike animals are far more trusting,” LJ (South Canterbury)


  1. “The forced swim test is cruel and serves no purpose. This test is a horrific example of callous cruelty and suffering,” Sandra Materi (Casper)


  1. “I believe the forced swim test is outdated and cruel, in addition to being a poor marker for actual human emotions and behaviour. Please stop this ridiculous test,” Jessica Grantier (Anchorage)


  1. “I just don't understand how education/research facilities can consider themselves civilized and allow such hideous treatment of non-human beings. Universities and research institutions need to either abandon such cruel research methods or admit that they are barbaric, cruel and utterly resistant to compassionate change. If the latter is the case, I don't even know what the value is in having such institutions continue to operate and receive taxpayer and government funding,” Wendy Dugmore (Perth)


  1. “Please put yourself in the place of the rat. Feeling scared, stressed, frightened. This is wrong and so has to stop,” Donna (Gold Coast)


  1. “Zero need for animal testing of any kind in 2019. Get with the times and stop these unnecessary and barbaric tests,” Christina Lee Williams (Athens)


  1. “This practice is medieval and barbaric,” Jo (Tauranga)


  1. “Animal testing has been proved to be worthless and this certainly is a worthless test that is not only cruel but stressful for the animals. How you can compare the stress of a mouse in this situation to a human is not possible so stop these cruel out of date tests,” Shirley Carter (Cambridge)


  1. “These tests have been going on for years with little substantive progress. The forced swim leads to adaptive floating behaviour which does not, therefore, translate to human depression or hopelessness. It is a waste of money and resources which could be spent on more thorough and human-based research,” Julie Hinman (Worthing)


  1. "As a clinical psychologist, I fail to see how putting animals through a torturous system of tests designed to cause stress and distress relates to depression in humans. Research shows depression in humans is multi-factorial in its etiology including genetic and biological factors, life experiences including trauma especially in childhood, the absence or presence of supportive relationships, family functioning and many others. Therefore these tests seem not only irrelevant but needlessly cruel in their design," Janice Flood (New Plymouth)


  1. "Depression, anxiety and fear are all feelings that those who suffer from them generally would rather not. Should we inflict those feelings upon animals in the name of science? Most certainly not. A mouse is not the same as a human, nor is any other animal, so why on earth do we think we have any right to torture them to find out things which will in no way help humans and certainly not help animals. Stop this barbaric cruelty, enough is enough," Dawn Parish (Whangaparaoa)


  1. "The forced swim test makes me feel disappointed with NZ and the world. Yet more unnecessary tests on innocent animals. It absolutely should be banned! Any decent human being knows what is best for any animal. It is not forcing them into testing for human medical needs.
    While depression is a real thing. Perhaps there would be less depression in the world if we focused more on what is important not wealth, beauty products, material items & likes on social media that all mean nothing. Focus on the animals, they enrich our lives and when caring for them it makes us better people," Chanmor (Wellington)