Take Action for World Day for Animals in Labs

Take Action for World Day for Animals in Labs

Today is World Day for Animals in Labs and the global movement to support good science is going strong, but we still need your help!

As you may have already heard, we've joined a global coalition with the Animal Justice Project (U.K.), Humane Research Australia and In Defense of Animals (U.S.) to unite for animals in labs and thank the scientists that are fighting against COVID-19 without the use of animals. 

So far, over 12,000 people from over 20 different countries have taken action to support scientists that are rejecting the animal model. If you haven’t signed to show your support yet, please do so now.



1. If you haven’t already, sign on to our Letter of Support encouraging researchers around the world to continue using ethical research methods. You can also share this with friends and whānau!

Your pledge of support will be collated and sent to research institutions that have embraced non-animal methods.

2. All-day today we'll be asking people to take a photo (or video) with your message to researchers and scientists NOT using animals in cruel experiments and post on social media or send directly to us (either via Instagram or email – nzavs@nzavs.org.nz).

We suggest making a sign with this message "Thank you for rejecting animal experiments #United4AnimalsInLabs." 

Why not include your companion animal in the photo! Don't forget to use the hashtag #United4AnimalsInLabs and tag NZAVS in if you post on your social media. If you’re not on social media, just email us the photo at nzavs@nzavs.org.nz.


Check out some of the awesome photos that people have already sent in:

Images from top left to bottom right: Emma Hurst ( Australian politician, psychologist and vegan bodybuilder), Peter Egan (Actor and Celebrity Animal Hero of the Year), Bob Ingersoll ( primate specialist renowned for the documentary ‘Project Nim’) and Melanie Light (Film Director of 'The Herd').

We'll be sharing photos that people send us throughout the day so make sure you're following us on Facebook and Instagram if you aren't already!

3. JOIN THE FACEBOOK EVENT and invite your friends and whānau too!

4. If you have Facebook, add our new 'United for Animals in Labs' frame to your profile picture!

Find out more about the campaign here