Cruelty Free Guide Available Now!

Cruelty Free Guide Available Now!

It’s official, our Cruelty Free Guide is available now!

The Guide is full of  beauty, skincare, body care and household products that are 100% cruelty-free! We have done extensive research about all the products in the Guide to ensure that no aspect of the product has caused animals to suffer.

Check out the Cruelty Free Guide here!

If your favourite brands aren't on our Cruelty Free Guide yet it may because they haven't responded to our invitation to apply yet! You can send this application to any of your favourite brands and encourage them to apply to feature in our exciting new resource. 

To support our new Cruelty Free Guide, we have also launched a new Cruelty Free section of our website! It will teach you all about the issue, from the sorts of tests done to what the rules for our Guide are.

These new great tools will help you shop with confidence, knowing you are making a difference for the animals every time you shop!

COVID-19 has completely changed the dynamic of campaigning for 2020. But the Cruelty Free NZ campaign shows that there are powerful ways we can still make a difference for the animals.

For the moment, one of the best things you can do is change how you shop. The Cruelty Free Guide will help you do exactly that. Please share it among your social networks – the more people we can get using the Guide, the better!