Help animals this election!

Help animals this election!

It’s election season and political parties are more receptive than ever to the public. That makes this the perfect time to stand up and speak out for the animals!

Do you have a moment to help by contacting your local candidates? All you have to do is follow the steps on this page.

NZAVS has built a new tool for you to use to make sure that animals have a voice this election and now we are finally ready to share it with you. It contains loads of information for you:

Elections are the time when you can have the biggest impact. By contacting your local candidates, you’re putting pressure onto them and their parties to put animal experimentation on the political agenda. This will make all of our campaigns over the next three years stronger. The campaign to end the Forced Swim Test, the Striking at the Source campaign and our other upcoming campaigns are all more likely to succeed if we put the pressure on now.

So please, write to your local candidates today!