LUSH Cosmetics Supports Our Campaign to End Animal Experiments in NZ

LUSH Cosmetics Supports Our Campaign to End Animal Experiments in NZ

Exciting news - all LUSH Cosmetics stores in Aotearoa will be promoting our Striking at the Source petition from now until the 10th of April!

This petition is asking the NZ Government to develop a comprehensive action plan to help end unnecessary animal experimentation and embrace better technologies.

Each of LUSH’s seven stores across the country will be promoting our campaign and LUSH staff will be educating their customers on this archaic practice and the many solutions we are proposing to help put a stop to it.

There will be a QR code inside their stores, linking people directly to our petition which will, in turn, connect their voices to Parliament. It is democracy in action, calling for change!

“NZAVS has an incredible history of campaigning for change and we are proud to be able to lend our New Zealand shopfronts and rally our incredibly passionate staff to help raise awareness about the Striking at the Source campaign. LUSH has been fighting against animal testing since before our first shop was opened, and the fight continues today. Animal testing is poor science and its results are irrelevant for humans. From our hundreds of conversations with customers daily, we hope to spread the word and help NZAVS continue the incredible work they are doing to eliminate animal testing in New Zealand for good — Sonia Chiarelli (LUSH AUNZ Marketing Communications Manager). 

These are some of the images that are now featured on all of their LED screens:

LUSH has supported us in various ways in the past but this is by far one of the most impactful ways that they are lending a hand by amplifying our call to action!

With the help of LUSH, we hope to increase our petition from 20K to impressive 25K signatures. You can help us reach this goal by signing the petition today!