You’ve Got Catmail, Minister Robertson!

You’ve Got Catmail, Minister Robertson!

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We sent a special ‘cat mail’ delivery to Minister Robertson to send a clear signal that you and other influential NZAVS supporters care about cats and the other 300,000 animals used for science in Aotearoa.

Why Minister Robertson?

Hon Grant Robertson is the Minister of Finance and is in charge of the Budget.

This means he has the ultimate power to allocate funding from the Budget to help the science community invest in using advanced technologies instead of using archaic models trying to translate testing results from animals to humans.
Animal-free and human-relevant research methods can be used instead to create accurate and far more relevant results. But the right funding is needed for the science community to help them embrace these better methods.

Minister Robertson is very supportive of NZ music. We sent him a cat-related vinyl record by a ‘Flying Nun’ artist to play whilst he read our letter.


 Our letter:

  • Highlighted how many Kiwis care about cats and the other thousands of animals used for research, testing and teaching (RTT) in Aotearoa
  • Explained how we do not have to choose between inflicting pain and suffering on animals and finding medical treatments and cures for people. An end to animal experimentation would be a win for animals, people, and science.
  • Asked him to allocate funds in the 2023 Budget for replacing animals used in science.

Minister Power Vs Supporter Superpower

You have the superpower to convince Minister Robertson to allocate this critical funding and create a future where we advance science without causing any suffering for both animals and humans.
Because this is an election year, and if Minister Robertson hears your voice loud and clear, he knows that his choices could impact not only the lives of animals but the future of his party too. A Vote for animals by Minister Robertson could be a vote for him.

To send this clear message to Minister Robertson, we have created special Freepost postcards that you can fill in and mail to him.
You can order extra postcards to share with your friends and whānau. The more postcards the Minister receives, the more sway NZAVS and our supporters have to ensure the thousands of animals used and trapped in science no longer suffer in silence. 
To get your hands on these special Freepost postcards, all you need to do is sign up here!


Supercharge your superpower!

You can supercharge your superpower by posting your Freepost postcards to Minister Robertson on our ‘days of power’. These ‘days of power’ are to ensure Minister Robertson gets a solid number of postcards at key times which will power up their impact!
Please: Post your signed Freepost postcard, or even better, collect the signed Freepost postcards from your friends and whānau to post on one of these ‘days of power’. 
Please: Take a photo of you or a member of your friends and family group posting the postcards and send that photo with a caption of your choice to:

The more Minister Robertson can see that there is real people power behind this Budget funding request, the more he knows how many people care about cats and the thousands of other animals forced to endure cruel experiments in the name of ‘science’.
‘Days of Power’ - to post your Freepost postcards on:

  • Monday 20 March 2023
  • Wednesday 22 March 2023
  • Friday 24 March 2023

We want to get all of these delivered by the end of March, so anytime before then will work if you need to do another day!


Take action

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