Humane Education
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NZAVS Visits Massey University to Talk to Vet Students
Humane Education - Fulfills Already Existing Guidelines
Humane Education Methods - What Otago Could Use
Photo credit to Syndaver Labs
Is Academic Outcome Better in Humane Education?
Humane Education - The Benefit on Student Well Being
Opinion: University of Otago To Go Ahead With $50 Million Animal Lab, But Will They Make Any Positive Change for Animals?
An opinion piece written by our Executive Director, Tara Jackson. 
Will Otago Commit to Change? We Are Still Waiting On Their Response!
The Global Shift Towards Humane Education
Auckland University's Shameful Mistake - Allowing Vested Interest to Silence the Student Body
We want to tell the world about the incredible campaign that the Auckland University Animal Rights Group led in 2014 - 2015 that was aimed at helping animals used for research, testing and teaching and its unjust outcome!
Training Veterinarians without Harming Animals
Humane and viable alternative methods for training vet students exist and they can yield the same results - Humane education is the way of the future!
NZAVS educates young New Zealanders about animal testing!
NZAVS Campaign Manager Cressida Wilson visited Ao Tawhiti Unlimited School in Christchurch this morning.
Symbolic Funeral Held at the University of Auckland
Lincoln University - Why The Secrecy?