Proof That Animal Testing Is Flawed
The following list provides links to some of our favourite research papers and other resources that will help you learn more about animal experimentation, the solutions and why the use of animals to try and predict the human response to drugs and disease is scientifically flawed.

Keywords: Funding; financial stakeholders. 

Authors: Ray Greek
Published: 2018
Expert Opinion

Keywords: Failure of the animal model; predictive value; complex systems.

Authors: Ray Greek
Published: 2015

Keywords: Failure of the animal model; predictive value.

Authors: Orange Planet Pictures
Published: 2019

Keywords: Failure of the animal model; complex systems; predictive value; evolution; chimpanzees.

Authors: Robert Jones and Ray Greek
Published: 2013
Academic Paper, Other Reviews

Keywords: Failure of the animal model; predictive value; human-relevant research.

Authors: Kathy Archibald, Katya Tsaioun, J. Gerry Kenna and Pandora Pound
Published: 2018
Academic Paper