Source: Openness

Source: Openness

Animal cruelty thrives when it is kept secret. This prong of the Striking at the Source campaign is dedicated to opening the doors and casting light on the cruel practices that are inflicted upon animals.

By demanding transparency and openness, we can change the public conversation. Over time, this will help put significant pressure to move away from the harmful use of animals for research, testing and teaching.

We are calling for tracing of where animals come from and where they go when the scientists are finished, ensuring better reporting of data to avoid study replication and even filming experiments so the public can really see what is going on.

The more light we can shed on these practices, the faster we will end animal experimentation.

What we are asking for:

  • Mandatory filming of experiments involving animals.
  • A registration programme for those providing animals for research.
  • Birth to end-of-research tracing and transparency, so it is clear for any given experiment where the animals came from and where they went after the research.
  • Greater transparency for existing documents, requiring their publication.
  • Publish all findings using animals to avoid unnecessary repetition.
  • Ensure private research conducted on animals is made public, to avoid unnecessary repetition.
  • Research conducted overseas for New Zealand companies should be subject to the same standards of openness and transparency.

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