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United For Animals In Labs

United For Animals In Labs

UPDATE: This action has now closed and in total, over 15,424 people signed our thank you letter. This how now been sent to the following innovative and ethical institutes conducting research into COVID-19 without the use of animals:

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As defenders of animals used in science, it is our job to push for change. But at times like this, we have another important job: being the light in the darkness.

With so many unnerving things happening in the world, it is important that we shine brightly and make the world a little bit better. One of the ways we can do that is by thanking the scientists who are tackling COVID-19 without using animals.

As you may already know, the animal model is outdated. Subjecting animals to cruel tests does not teach us how humans will respond to drugs and disease, and only slows down the life-saving research that needs to be conducted. The scientists that are using ethical and valid models without animals are blazing a trail, forging a better scientific future for all of us. They deserve our thanks.

Please join this global movement to thank the scientists doing real work to combat COVID-19, without the use of animals. With more support for scientists like these, we can have a better scientific future for humans and non-humans alike.

This World Week for Animals in Laboratories, we have joined forces with global coalition partners, including Humane Research Australia, US-based In Defense of Animals, and UK-based Animal Justice Project. Together we are supporting the development of safe and effective treatments and vaccines without the use of outdated, unreliable, and inherently cruel animal testing. Please, join our efforts by taking the steps outlined below.



1. Sign our thank you letter to help encourage scientists around the world to continue to phase out the use and torture of innocent animals in laboratories. Go a step further and invite friends and family to sign on too!

2. Post on social media to support ethical research! Take a photo or video with your message to researchers and scientists to NOT use animals in cruel experiments and include #United4AnimalsinLabs on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If you like, include your animal companions in your post and ask your friends and family to participate!

3. Join our event on Facebook for World Day for Animals in Labs. 


WHy this matters

It's vital that we work together to change how drugs, vaccines and treatments are developed for human use. This currently involves using animals in cruel and invalid tests which is something that we neither support nor think is effective or necessary.

Reports from the US suggest that the first trial of a COVID-19 vaccine begun in human volunteers after sidestepping some animal trials — this is huge news and proves that it is possible to bypass animal testing! 

There are multiple institutes around the world focusing solely on human-relevant research relating to COVID-19 including Epithelix, MatTex Life Science, Immundnz, STEMCELL Technologies, IIVS, Yumab and InSphero. These institutes need to be widely acknowledged as leaders and as innovative, modern scientists paving the way for a better future for us all. 

We're really good at pointing out where researchers are going wrong. Now we need to commend researchers who are getting it right to help encourage a life-saving paradigm shift for both animals and humans.

Help amplify NZAVS’s call for ethical and valid research to be utilised — turn our gesture of thanks into a roar so loud that all researchers conducting animal tests around the world take notice.

A large show of support could help persuade other institutions to ditch the animal model. By creating a global thank you, we will be able to show institutions around the world that the future of science does not involve animal experiments. Take action now