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Vote for NZAVS to win a grant

Vote for NZAVS to win a grant

We're in the running for a My Giving Circle grant which we can win simply by receiving the most public votes - an easy, 100% free action for our many fierce supporters to get behind. 

My Giving Circle is donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to charities and the winners are determined by public votes and the charities with the most votes win a share of the prize money.

We need your help to get enough votes to push NZAVS into the #1 spot! Use your voting power now. 

You can vote once a week, and to make it easy to remember, if you are signed up to our mailing list, you will receive reminders!

To increase your impact, please share far and wide on social media to get us to the top of the New Zealand charities chart. 

To make your impact even bigger, you could also make a donation to multiply your votes and increase our position on the chart. Each dollar donated is one extra vote for us. For example, a $50 donation = 50 extra votes. But you don't have to give, you only need to vote!

Thanks so much for so fiercely defending animals used in science with us.