Supportive Businesses Helping End Animal Testing in NZ

Supportive Businesses Helping End Animal Testing in NZ

NZAVS has officially launched an exciting new programme where like-minded businesses who are fiercely against animal testing can back the important work we are doing as Aotearoa's only non-profit focused solely on defending animals used in science!

Our new NZAVS Business Alliance Programme is a fantastic way of cruelty-free businesses showing their customers that ethics are important to them — that being cruelty-free is a real and genuine belief of theirs.

This is also helpful for our thousands of supporters who want to purchase products from companies that are not only free from animal testing but who are taking a step further to help end animal testing in Aotearoa. 

Before publicly launching, the following companies have already signed up as Business Alliance Members:

  • LUSH
  • The Body Shop 
  • Larrys Gold
  • Prep Plant Based Meals
  • Little Zebra Chocolates
  • V on Wheels
  • Herb Nerd NZ
  • Kester Black 
  • Luntian 

Businesses like these are helping fuel our important campaigns aimed at ending animal testing and defending the animals used in science!

Further Information

  • You can view our online Businesses Directory here
  • Find out more, including how to apply to become a Business Alliance Member here