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Who is using the Forced Swim Test in NZ?
When Humans Respond Differently
Today We Delivered an Important Message to Victoria University!
Evidence That the Forced Swim Test Has Been Conducted by Victoria University
More About the Forced Swim Test and Why It Needs to Be Banned
How Do We Know How Many Animals Are Used for Science in NZ?
Animals in NZ Are Still Protected from Psychoactive Substances - Positive News!
Important Changes to the Animal Welfare Act
Using Animals in Huntington's Disease Research Does Not Help Humans
Testing Party Pills On Animals - What Would this Look Like?
We summarise the animal tests that were in the Ministry of Health's Proposed Testing Regime back in 2012.
The Ban on Testing Psychoactive Substances on Animals - Why Can't the NZ Government Commit?
We are still waiting for confirmation from the NZ Government that the ban on testing psychoactive substances on animals will remain firmly in place!
The Six-Foot Rats Reviews
Some of the fantastic reviews our book has received
Animal Advocates Preparing to Rally Again over Party Pill Testing
It's Impossible for me to Support This Burger
An opinion piece by our Executive Director, Tara Jackson, on 'Impossible Foods' disappointing decision to test on animals.
The Invalidity of the Forced Swim Test
This article was written by Dr Emily Trunnell from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.