Animal Testing Would Not Prevent Synthetic Cannabis Deaths
Recent deaths caused by synthetic cannabis use has unfortunately resulted in speculation in the media that these deaths would have been prevented through animal experimentation. This is not the case, due to the many differences between animal species. Read more here.
Moblise! Competition Winners Announced!
The competition to have your artwork feature on the cover of the next issue of our magazine, Mobilise! has ended and we haven chosen our winners!
NZAVS Needs You!
NZAVS are looking for passionate people to join our Committee - Apply now!
NZAVS Present at Parliament to 'Let them Live out of the Labs'
NZAVS headed to the capital to present to the Primary Production Select Committee about the 'Out of the Labs' petition that was recently handed over to parliament.
Could Your Artwork be the New NZAVS Magazine Cover?
We are going to release issue #73 of Mobilise in the beginning of July and we are asking our supporters to design the cover!
Otago Student Referendum Shows Students Do Not Support the Lab!
The results of the OUSA student referendum are in, and the majority of students don't support the University of Otago spending $50 million on a new animal lab!
Otago Students, Tell the University How You Feel!!!
The Otago University Students' Association Referendum opens today! Make sure you participate and let the University know it is not cool to secretly allocate $50 million to a new animal lab!
Physics Professor’s Animal Testing Claims Rejected
What we have to say to Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Prof Richard Blaikie's false claims.
The New $50 Million Animal Lab at the University of Otago Delayed by Asbestos Find!
Asbestos has been discovered at the new animal lab site! This means the project will be delayed, but will also cost even more money! How much is the University willing to spend on outdated and non-predictive research methods?
Together we can let animals live 'Out of the Labs'!
Help ex-lab animals by getting involved in the democratic process! Contact your Parliamentary representative and tell them you want to give animals the opportunity to live 'Out of the Labs'!
Out of the Labs Petition Presented at Parliament!
Today NZAVS presented our 'Out of the Labs' petition at Parliament! We have collected over 15,000 signatures on this petition, which asks the government to introduce a mandatory retirement policy for animals used for the purposes of research, testing and teaching, and those used to breed for these fields. Heaps of our supporters, dogs, and even a pony turned up to show their support, and Member of Parliament Mojo Mathers accept the petition on behalf of the government!
World Day for Lab Animals - Time for the world to unite against animal testing and #StopTheOtagoAnimalLab
We now have organisations from all over New Zealand and the rest of the World telling us why they don't want the University of Otago to support the continuation of animal experimentation by building a new $50 million animal lab!
NZAVS Joins Pro Science Rally!
After the #StopTheOtagoAnimalLab march in Dunedin, we decided to join the March for Science New Zealand!
NZAVS Celebrates World Day for Lab Animals by Marching to Stop the Otago Animal Lab!
NZAVS were out in Dunedin today marching against the new $50 million animal lab at the University of Otago! We were even joined by celebrity animal-rights activist James Aspey!
March Against the Otago Animal Lab for World Day for Lab Animals 2017!
Join NZAVS and James Aspey in marching to stop the new $50 million animal lab at the University of Otago!
Let Animals Live ‘Out of the Labs' - Paw Prints for Parliament event!
We were in Wellington CBD today letting Parliament know that New Zealanders want animals ‘Out of the Labs’.
Out of the Labs Petition - Closing soon!
Our petition to give ex-lab animals a second chance officially has a closing date. We now need your help to make sure we can let them live out of the labs!
NZAVS educates young New Zealanders about animal testing!
NZAVS Campaign Manager Cressida Wilson visited Ao Tawhiti Unlimited School in Christchurch this morning!
Let Parliament Know Why You Want Animals Out of the Labs!
We need you to help us send a message to Parliament! Print out a paw print, say why you want animals 'Out of the Labs!', decorate it however you like and freepost it to us!
NZAVS Membership Renewal time!
People now have just over two weeks to renew their membership with NZAVS before it expires!
Happy Valentine's Day, Otago University! Stop the Otago Animal Lab!
We delivered a Valentine's Day card and presents to Professor Blaikie of the University of Otago. We wanted to remind him of the animals' lives that are at stake if current plans for a new animal lab go ahead. What better day than Valentine's Day to ask the University to 'Have a Heart'?
Welcome to the New NZAVS Website!
We have an updated website for 2017! Be sure to have a look around.
Animal Usage for RTT in NZ on a Decline – FALSE
The recent MPI report is misleading. We want you to know the facts behind the statistics!
Our Stop the Otago Animal Lab protest wraps up our long weekend of actions!
Heart action attempts to be silenced by the University of Otago
Staff changes at NZAVS
Our Executive Director, Stephen Manson is leaving NZAVS and our Campaign Manager, Tara Jackson is stepping up to the role.
NZAVS meet with the University of Otago for a second time
We had our first protest in Dunedin to Stop the Otago Animal Lab
The New Animal Lab has started being built!
SALDF Debate Panel on the Stop the Otago Animal Lab Campaign



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